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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Kuzhandaikalukku sathu maavu (Cereal health mix for kids)

This recipe was a long wanted one from my readers.I always want to make sure that the one that I write should be safe and healthy especially if it is for kids. So I tried to get the recipe from the people who know this the best and is doing it for their grand kids right now.

Kambu. (Pearl millet 100 gms ( wash it and dry inside the house or not in a place very hot) 
Ragi.   250 gms ( sprouted and dried in a place not very hot)
Red rice ( kuruvai arisi) 100 gms
Small maize ( chinna cholam) 100 gms
Pea nuts 50 gms
Pottu kadalai 50 gms (roasted gram)
Broken uradh dhal 25 gms
Cashews 10
Badam 10

 In a sauce pan in low fire dry roast each item for a few minutes.let the grains cool then transfer it into the vessel in which you take for grinding. While taking it for grinding take with you half a kilogram or 1 kilogram of raw rice and grind it in the machine first before grinding the sathu maavu inorder to make sure that the machine is clean from anything grinded before we grind.
     Morning time is the best to feed the baby this porridge. From 6 months this mix is safe.Take one and a half table spoon of this powder mixed in 50 ml of milk that you give the baby  in a sauce pan and in low fire make the porridge stirring continously till it becomes semi solid. Feed the baby  the porridge in luke warm temperature. Little bit of sugar can be added if necessary.
               Start with very very low quantity like a teaspoon on the first day and slowly increase the quantity. This is the case for all food for kids. Start with very low quantity.
You can increase proportionately the quantity as per need and prepare the mix.If possible dont store it long.


Shruthi said...

Hi mam your recipes are very nice and helpful for me for reference since I am also from chettinadu. I know you and I saw you also:)
I studied in jawahar school in neyveli.you were working as a teacher. I remembered once you called me and asked whether I belong to chettinadu? I said yes!! I guess we can easily identify our people. I was studying 6 th std I guess. Now I am in US and I have 1 year old daughter.

Solai Chidambaram said...

Nice to hear from you shruthi.Happy that my blog is useful to you.which part of US are you in shruthi.My daughter is in virginia.

Sivasekari Lakshmanan said...

Hello Aachi,

Thanks for the sathu mavu recipe . I have shared it with my mum and asked her to try it .