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Friday, December 9, 2016

Healthy foods

After long time I am back to blogging. Now I find people very conscious about health and healthy food. It is a very good sign and good as long as we stay balanced . People are aware of too many things easily through the social media . I find the health benefits of each and everything we eat written by somebody every minute in the social media. I genuinely doubt how reliable these information are . So friends don't get too much carried away by these articles .Always try to be balanced . We know in olden days our ancestors were very healthy. They didnt have any cardiac trouble or much of the common diseases common these days . We all know they consumed less rice and had ragi and such other grains in their daily diet. But at the same time they balanced their food by having ghee in their diet .They very casually had mutton in their diet . Now we are scary of all these and very rarely have these but want to stick to healthy food ( fat free ,carbohydrate free etc ) . I am not trying to tell that this is bad but too much into anything is not good . I have come across many experiences .one of our relative completely stopped salt telling the sentence " uppu thappu " and with in three years he died due to lack of sodium. We need all the food that we had from time old days for a healthy living. I myself thought carrot is very very good and now today I read an article that too much of carrot is dangerous. We very rarely try to find the authenticity of the information . Sometimes we will find one of our friend has lost much weight and will ask them what they have done and try to follow that . They would have balanced their diet with something else which information would not have been correctly conveyed. Now a days I even find people taking semiya ,rava ,noodles etc to avoid rice which certainly is not an alternative since it is not good for the stomach and will cause digestion trouble in the long run. So friends don't deny yourself of any food that you love and try to be balanced. We all know too much of anything is bad. Have the seasonal fruits and vegetables.
                                            Now a days I find people stopping medicines for sugar, hyper tension etc and follow the natural remedies published in the media .There is too much of information stuffed through the media . So we should be careful before following them.

                                       We certainly should be aware of some healthy food recipes and should have them in our diet . So my next few blogs will be of that kind . I may or may not be correct but this is what I felt and conveyed my thoughts . I would like my readers to express their thoughts also here through comments so that I know your opinions too.


Karu said...

I agree with you on the balance diet and looking forward for more recipes. Your recipes are very authentic and keeping up our chettinad tradition.Thanks much.