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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Paal payasam

The name itself is mouth watering for those who have tasted it before. This is one of the easiest and tastiest desert that a person new to cooking can try. If you are sure about the measurements then you can never go wrong . So a newly wed girl who has not much experience in cooking can impress her in laws or her partner with this desert. This does not require any new ingredient from the store. So if you have rice,milk and sugar at home you are good to try this.

Raw rice or red rice 50 gms ( 2 kai pidi). Will serve 8 people.if you dont have either of the two try with the rice you have at home.I think it wont do much harm
Milk 4 cups. ( 2 packets) or 800 ml
Sugar  300  gms ( if you dont want it too sweet then make it 200 gms)
Broken cashews and cardomom powder optional

Soak the rice for 10 minutes if you have time.
This desert will come good in pressure cooker so make use of it.
Keep the cooker in the stove add rice milk and sugar and mix well .Close the cooker with out the weight.wait for the pressure to come put the weight .Wait for 2 minutes and reduce the fire to low.
Keep in mind that if the solid content in the cooker is much less than the liquid content then when the pressure is released or whistle comes the liquid in the cooker will come out. To prevent this we have to cook with the stove in low fire. Here milk is much more than the rice.so we have to make sure that we cook in low heat. The cooking time is 30 minutes.Switch off the stove after 30 minutes. Wait for the pressure to settle down then open the cooker. Your deser is ready.Those who want it more rich can fry the broken cashews in ghee and add. If desired cardomom powder can also be added. I generally dont add any of these as the desert will be rich and tasty by itself.


Madhu Pravin said...

Aachi, do we have to add raw milk or boiled Milk?

maxo said...

Aachi, Superb Receipe.

A Snap of the same would have made it even better.

- LAx

thendral said...

Please keep writing on the blog.welcome back.

Curb me said...

Very nice aachi, I think adding milk maid will make it very rich, but once in a while its ok :}