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Friday, April 27, 2012

Parangikkai Puli Kuzhambu (Yellow pumpkin gravy with tamarind)

                             This gravy will be mouth watering for those who love the combination of hot, sour, sweet and salt taste. This gravy is mainly prepared when there is a mass gathering like temple function or free Anna dhans. I think the reason behind is that a whole pumpkin will give lot of cut pieces needed for the crowd. Moreover pumpkin is reasonably cheaper than other vegetables. I don’t find any other reason. If anybody know any other reason can let me know.
                                                           This is a veg normally harvested during pongal season and will be very cheap that time. In our community it is a must item to be cooked on Mattu Pongal day. One thing to be remembered by the youngsters is that the pumpkin has to be cut along with the outer skin. The skin should not be peeled off.
Pumpkin pieces-1 cup
Small onions-20
Garlic pods-20
Tamarind –a small lemon size
Curry leaf-little
Gingerly oil-3 table spoons
Kuzhambu milagai Thool-2 table spoons
Coriander powder-1 table spoon
Turmeric powder-1 teaspoon
Jaggerry-A small piece
               Keep the kadai in the stove. In three tablespoons of  gingelly oil season the gravy with a teaspoon of fenugreek and fennel seed each. Add curry leaf also. Now add garlic pods.Wait for it to turn color. Now add onions and then tomatoes and parangikkai pieces. Once they are sauteed add milagai thool, coriander powder and turmeric powder keeping the flame low. Add the tamarind and salt dissolved in three cups of water. Close the kadai. Let the gravy cook in slow fire for 15 minutes. Once you see oil on sides of the gravy add the jiggerry. Increase the flame. Cook for 5 more minutes and switch off the stove. Serve after 2 to 3 hours for great taste.


Madhu Pravin said...

Wow! Aachi I was so worried I missed my Mom's food! Thanks to You for all the authentic Chettinad recipes! I love Parangikkai Puli Kuzhambu and used to slurp with the last drop of it :P wil try n let u know. Will the pumkins get cooked in the water itself or shall I pressure cook them?

Solai Chidambaram said...

Madhu,Parangikkai will get cooked fast.No need to pressure cook.

Skl said...

Hello aunty,
We tried this dish today and it turned out wonderful,
Thank you for posting all authentic chettinad recipes,will try all one by one and leave comments,thanks again,

Unknown said...

i tried this recipe today. it turned out great!!! only difference was i just used sambar powder but it was tasty regardless. thanks alot for your effort in putting up great recipes!

omsai ram said...

Hi Achi,

I am Lakschellam from Coimbatore.

Wonderful and excellent work achi.

Thank u very much.

I always use to get ideas from my mother-in-law because it suits for my husband.

Nowadays i am following yours.
Yours receipe is very easy to follow.

My In-Laws are very proud of me.

Thank u once again.

Great and Excellent job and wonderful pictures .

Arun Subramaniam said...

This turned out to be my favorite one..!! Easy and very yummy