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Friday, April 27, 2012

Arai Kerrai Poriyal (greens curry)

                                                        All of us are in the look out for good keerai recipes to impress our children as we find it difficult to give them. We all know its nutritional value and its importance in our menu. If this poriyal is prepared with care,I fee it can be given to children without much difficulty. we have to be changing the recipes often so that they don’t feel that they are being given the greens often. I find it difficult with my elder one in giving her keerai even now. It is time that she should have started giving it to her son.
The same poriyal can be prepared with other keerai like mulai keerai sirukeerai etc.Try out with the greens you get in your region and update.
Keerai- 1 bunch  (cleaned,cut and washed) -4 cups
Chopped onion-1/4 cup
Red chilies-4
Grated coconut-2 tablespoons
To season
Mustard seed-1 teaspoon
Kadalai paruppu-2 tablespoons (optional)
Keep the kadai in the stove.Season the poriyal with the items given in to season. Add red chilies and then onion.now add the greens and stir. In a few minutes it will become small in quantity. There will be water in itself enough for cooking else sprinkle some water.Make the flame low.Close the kadai.Check after 5 minutes. Add the salt needed. Once you feel the green is cooked and the water content has gone add the grated coconut and switch off the stove.Serve hot to children .This can mixed with rice along with little ghee and fed to small ones.


anitha shalini said...

Hi Aunty, Thanks for all your delicious recipes. My mom's side is from Dindugul/ Madurai and their style of cooking is slightly different from chettinad style. These days I have been cooking using your recipes to bring some change to our menus at home and my husband loves them. I've tried and successfully made your mutton, chicken biryanis, kulambu, and mutton kola urundai... Thanks so much for passing on your knowledge of these authentic and time tested recipes. Would like to meet you when we come to India. - Anitha.

maxo said...

Achi - You are back with the bang after your daughter's exams.

Keep blogging

Looking ahead for Ayira Meen Kozhambu recipe from your end

geetha ganesh said...

hi achi
thanks for ur alll recepies , i want to know about idli sambar and thirakkal , pls help

Abhirami Muthu said...

Glad to see back in action :)
Love you new recipes.

sasi said...

hello thanks for your receipes
i tried lot of your recepies nandu kolambu is the perfect taste i got it from your recepies. when i note down your recepies in my dairy when time permits i will prepare it once again i thank u

Skl said...

Hello aunty,
We tried this Recipe,turned out very well,Keerai with coconut flavour goes very well,it's very healthy too,thank you for posting great recipes and making Kerrai taste wonderful,skl