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Friday, May 18, 2012

Mangai Vellam Pachadi (Mango with jaggerry sauce)

                           It is mango season and it is a mega time for the mango lovers. This vella pachadi out of mango will be made on Tamil New year day to bring out the sour and sweet taste in lunch. People who love this will be really crazy of this dish. This time when I went to Chettinad, I tasted this almost everyday since this was prepared in my periamma’s house or in our house each day. Here I want to mention about the houses in Chettinad for the knowledge of others. Houses there will be very big running to the whole of a street .My home especially in Kanadukathan is very big. The front side of the house is one street and the backside another street .Those who are interested in seeing chettinad houses can have a view of my home by clicking this link http://chettinadumansion.com/. Part of the house is converted into a heritage home and is taken care of or rather managed by my father and brother. Coming back to vella pachadi, when we go home for holidays to chettinad it will be real treat, since we will have lot of items during lunch, dinner or breakfast. The houses will be big and will be shared by grandfathers brothers and hence so by dads brothers too. Each family will have a kitchen and whenever anybody living outside from anyone of the family comes to the house all will get excited and will try to prepare something special. So food will be shared between all kitchens and all will have lot of items. But now a days people living in Chettinad are few and hence in our house too we have only my dad’s elder brothers family there. I have already mentioned about my periamma  living there almost 78 years, but still very active cooking her own food since all her children are outside. She is very good in cooking like my mom and now she is very enthusiastic in sharing her rare recipes with me .she is very happy that my blog is very useful for her grand daughters.
                                This vella pachadi will be loved by those who like sweet taste with rice. To be frank, none in my family is a big fan of this and that is why I did not blog this recipe though requested by many readers. My mom prepared this especially for blogging and showed me how to cook this.

Mango -1  (peel off the skin and make it into thin slices)
Jaggerry-100 to 150 gms (according to taste)
Pasi paruppu -4 table spoons (roast a little before cooking the dhal)
Green chili-1or2
Turmeric powder-1/2 teaspoon
For seasoning
Mustard seed-1 teaspoon
Curry leaf-little
Red chili-1
Pressure cook the dhal and keep aside.
 Pressure cook the mango pieces adding half cup water (use the minimum water needed  ) along with the green chili, little salt and turmeric powder.
Remember the dish is sweet so don’t use too much salt.
Pressure cook for 5 to 6 minutes. Open the cooker. Add the cooked dhal also.
Now add the jaggerry checking in between for correct sweet taste
Cook for 3 to 4 minutes smashing everything together with a ladle.
Finally season the pachadi with the items given in ‘to season’
The question in everybody’s mind now is why can’t we cook the dhal and mango together. I will tell you the reason. Roasted dhal itsef will take little long time to cook. Next point is that dhal will not get cooked fast  with anything sour.


maxo said...

Yet another authentic Chettinadu Receipe from your end - Aachi - Keep blogging

Cham said...

Aunty tried ur pepper chicken kuzhambu wedn., it turned out excellent- liked the way u used coconut milk to tone down the heat!
Ahh we get mangai but not very sour, good one for the season.

Madhu Pravin said...

wow! My fav dish... I love this dish and my mom used to make plenty, just for me :P long awaited recipe from ur end! Thanks for posting it, Aachi... Will try and let You know :)

rahul said...

Well these are really useful things here you shared.

Saranya said...

Hi aunty.. I am a regular reader of ur blog. Now, even my husband has started preparing dishes by seeing the easy steps of ur recipes. He made instant rasam this weekend and it was wonderful. Thanks for ur recipes. Its really very helpful to people like us who stay in the US and can't call up our moms every time we get a doubt.I have found mostly all the chettinad recipes which my mom cooks.Can u please post the recipes of 'Poorna kozhukattai' and 'Paal kozhukattai'? These are my favorites but haven't tried them even once after marriage. It will be of great help if u share those recipes.

Punitha Sebastin said...

Hey aunt.. I am truly impressed with ur recipes.. I myself thought, I am a great cook all these years. . Today only realized I have tons to learn.. anyways I appreciate the time you have taken to publish your food blog .. its not that easy as it seems... I will definitely give your recipes a try... god bless you <3

Best Regards,


Skl said...

Hello aunty,
We tried this dish,it turned out very delicious,had with rice,imparts a nice sweet taste to the rice,we have a sweet palate,love rice with sweet flavours in it,nice for a change,thank you

Revathi said...

enga poiteenga ? monthly oru recipeyaavadhu podunga -

Cham said...

Aunty where are you? Why no update? Hope u and ur family are doing good!

natashaz5 said...

Solai aunty!
I'm a quiet lurker on your blog. Love all the recipes. You've made me a better cook.
Where are you???
Hope all is well. Love.

Solai Chidambaram said...

Thanks Natasha,cham and many of my blog followers for your kind enquiries.I am fine.I am in US in my daughters place for the last 3 months.Will be back in India in 2weeks.Will meet you all with a new recipe.Thanks again for your love.It is this personal touch that keeps me going whenever I lay back.

Madhu Pravin said...

Ma'am, waiting for ur return to India!!! Waiting for ur recipes since Mangai vellam pachadi!!!

shobana gowthaman said...

Aachi, I am newly married. Your blog is very helpful. Could you pls help me out in preparing kuska without coconut milk? Pls.

anitha shalini said...

So glad you are back in the US and back to blogging :) I opened your blog today to remind myself of your Chicken Biryani recipe. Planning on cooking it for New years day. Happy new year to you and your family aunty. Love your blog and have been enjoying it for the past year. Please continue the awesome work you are doing!