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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chettinad Liver Pepper Fry

Like any other non-veg item, this too is a very delicious item in chettinad cuisine. Liver though little bit high in fat content, is a good source of iron. It is very good for young children, pregnant ladies and for lactating young moms.
One thing to be taken note of while preparing any pepper fry or curry is that all the hotness needed for the curry should never be made up from the pepper. Too much of pepper will make the body hot and sometimes will produce a heart burn. So use half the quantity chili powder and in the end add pepper powder for the flavor, hotness and taste.

Liver-200 Gms (cut into very small pieces)
Chopped onion (big)-1 or small onions-20
Chopped tomato-1
Chopped garlic-10
Ginger paste-1/4 teaspoon (very little qty)
Turmeric powder-1/2 teaspoon
Chili powder or kuzhambu milagai thool -1 teaspoon
corriander powder-1 teaspoon
Freshly ground pepper-1 teaspoon
For seasoning
Cinamon-2 small pieces
Fennel seeds-1 teaspoon
Curry leaf-little
Bay leaf-little
In one table spoon of oil season the fry with the items given for seasoning. Add onions sauté for a while then tomatoes, ginger, garlic one by one and sauté nicely. Now add the small liver pieces and sauté till they turn white. Now add turmeric powder and a cup of water. Keep the flame in medium. Cook for 5 minutes closing the kadai with a lid. Now open the kadai. Add the chili powder ,corriander powder and the salt needed. Check there is water to cook for 5 more minutes. If found less add ¼ cup of water. Now cook with the lid open. When the curry turns to your desired consistency add the pepper powder. Mix well. Cook for 2 more minutes. If you find the curry very thick, you can add little water. Usually we cook till the oil separates. But the curry will taste good in any consistency. Before switching off the stove make sure that the curry has enough salt and hot taste. If found less you can add and cook for 2 minutes. Finally garnish with coriander leaves if you have stock.


Asha said...

Masala sounds so good, dish sounds yummy, never tasted Liver before.

Sujatha said...

wow, I'm drooling! One of my favorite non-veg dishes :)

Akal's Saappadu said...

Miam miam, liver fry looks absolutely delicious!!! I can eat this with plain rice as it is, don't need any curry...

you've well said "Finally garnish with coriander leaves if you have stock." that is true for me, the moment I need them, I 'll not have it IN STOCK.... :)

nice recipe!!

Cham said...

Aunty Nakku urrudu :) Very different ur way to do this curry! I like the load of garlic which goes in!

UmaKarthik said...

Wow its looks sooper delicious.
Can you post some fish recipes :)


Sundar சுந்தர் said...

yours is a great place for reference :)
thanks for your efforts.

please share your recipe for chicken soup.

joseph said...

aunty!!it makes me mouth watering...so yummy...thank u for this recipe.....

Rajat Nayar said...

The true Chettinad stamp in everything..Wow..Can you please give me a recipe for Seppankizhangu roast ..Donno whether its Chettinad..But remember eating it years ago with ginger garlic paste and the Manjal,Chilli and Dhaniya powder going into the making..Please let me know..

WhyteHousieBala said...


I made this for lunch jus now.. wow... superbbb taste.. my fnds said, this is d best nv dish that i ever made.. thnx for d recipe..


Solai Chidambaram said...

I think you are turning to be a great cook Bala.Once again feeling happy for your would be.

SP said...

Hi :)
This is the first time I am cooking mutton liver. Can you please let me know how to check if mutton liver is cooked. Would it be very tender?
Thank you

Solai Chidambaram said...

liver will get cooked fast.10 to 12minutes in kadai.Yes it will be soft to eat once cooked SP

RAJINI said...

today i tried this liver pepper fry.it came out very tasty my three yr old little girl was enjoying eating this liver fry.thanku aunty.

RAJINI said...

very very tasy dish aunty.my three yr old little girl likes it very much.i like the garlic in this dish.keep on posting some different dishes aunty.

foodlover said...


I accidentaly stepped into your blog blog 2-3 months ago.The chettinad chicken recepie was a real winner.We are all the others one by one.Most of turning out to be a ggreat one.Me and my wife thank you for all the unpaid work you are doing for all of us.May god bless you and please continue to do this great work


SarahGeorge said...

Madam thank you so much for this liver pepper fry recipe. Due to some of my health reasons I needed to take liver but only my amma knows to cook. Even I don't know. But my husband learned from your blog and is doing for me now. I feel so happy and blessed!Thank you once again for your recipe

Michelle M.B.T. said...


Thank you very much for taking the time and the effort to put together a blog like this. This is truly a treasure and of immense help to me right now as I've got married and I'm looking for some authentic recipes.

Kindly continue with your good work as you never know who and how it may help someone. Thanks again. God Bless!

Chris said...

I have prepared liver fry before as per a recipe book. But it didnt come out well. My 2 year old spitted it out. Today i made your recipe and gave some to her before adding chilli and pepper and she kept coming to the kitchen to have some more. She liked it. Thanks. My hubby liked the complete dish.

yashu said...

It was loved by all in our family.

Unknown said...

Dear aachi.
I made it today.Thank u soo much
but i made it like salty.kindly tell me what to do in this sitiuation.

Raj said...

Aunty, I am Rajeiv, from Chennai now in US, first time I got fresh Goat and bought that despite the fact I dont know how to cook. It was odd time to call my mom so I found your recipe in the web and the taste was excellent, many thanks.

Skl said...

Hello aunty,
We tried this dish,came out very delicious,pepper,garlic flavour in the recipe is tasty,I remember we had this once at a function where they sacrifice goat,they do it yearly for prayers and serve all people with non veg dishes,this dish was one among them,thank you,skl

Zafra Shazni said...

Hi There,

This was my first try at Chettinad cuisines and it came out exceptionally well.. great recipe. Thanks a million.

Fathima, Sri Lanka

AXJ said...

Dear Madam,

Is manneral(mutton spleen) tastes like mutton liver? Is manneral & kaleral same? Any Chettinad dish with spleen? I am your new fan.
A X Jeyasingh