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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Brain fry (Moollai poriyal)

Very easy to cook item. Children will love this. Similar to egg. So cooked along with egg to increase the quantity. Little bit sweet in taste. So those who want it to be hot can add chili powder to the recipe. This is made just like scrambled egg.

Goat brain-1
Chopped onions-handful
Green chili -3 or chili powder-1 teaspoon
Pepper powder-1 teaspoon
Chop the onions and the chili. Break the eggs and beat it a little. Add the brain into the egg and mix it well. I always use my hand to smash the brain and mix it nicely into the egg so that it gets mixed well. Add the pepper powder also into this. In a kadai in one teaspoon of oil sauté the onions and the chili and once it is sauted, add the egg brain mix and stir continuously. The whole thing will turn like egg scramble. Those who want the fry to be hot can add little bit chili powder into the egg brain mix. Brain will get cooked fast. So the cooking time will just be 5 to 6 minutes in low fire.


maxo said...

Thanks Aachi - from now on every Sunday - Brain Fry Day - rofl!!!

Aachi - Can you share the recipes of Kudal ( Intestine ) Kuzhambu / Varuval and also Aiyirai Meen Kolambu if you have

Shanthi said...

Dear Solai .. My sincere thanks for all the recipes. I have visited your site a hundred times to try out almost all your recipes .Wondering if you could post murukku recipe .. coz when I was a kid there was an aachi near my grandma's place and she used to have this tin box full of murukku's which we would get to savour if she was in a good mood. Wondering if I could repay aachi's generosity in some small way to the kids around my home .. aachi has moved away from that house.

dhivyaa said...

Oh Achi.. Its so simple to read. Let me try it out and see.. And lots and lots of thanks for your biriyani recipe..

Akal's Saappadu said...

wow, moola poriyal looks terribly yummy!!!

usually, my grandma used to fry the moolai and makes kavaappu (bhajjis). this is a wonderful idea too; thank you for the recipe!!!

veena said...

hii,,this loks yummy.

Aachi - can you share the recipes using green pepper corns,the fresh ones.



just now i go through with ur receipe for brain fry..,
I Love the brain fry nd expecting a very nice recipe..,
got the mind satisfying nd as well as mouthwatering recipe.., wat else....?

expecting for the dawn..,
will send u a good reply soon..,

a small request ma., kindly post the receipe for boti..,(kudal) fry or gravy at soon.,

I dont want to get or taste the special NV items in commercial areas..,

thanks & regards..,
JK- Coimbatore..,

Avaneesh Raj Mohan said...

hi Aachi

i m a big fan of ur recipes..
i tryed almost all of ur recipes in ur blog..
i got lot of good name from my hubby by trying ur recipes..
i try ur goat brain fry recipe..
Goat brain in one my fav recipe in the world..
my kid wont eat brain..
i tryed ur recipe he liked very much..
Thanks for the recipe..
i tryed goat brain and i posted in my blog take a peek at my blog

infopedia said...

nice recipe aachi...good job