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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


This is the favorite sweet of Lord Ganesha or Pillayar as we call in Tamil. So this is commonly made in all houses in Tamilnadu during Vinayaga Chathurthi. This is different from Poorna Kuzhakkattai which is a sweet stuffed one. Modagam is made with broken rice like Rava and Jaggerry.One of my readers is urgently in need of this recipe, so no more time for stories

Rice (broken like Rava)-2 cups
Jaggerry-2 cups
Water-6 cups (3 cups of water for 1 cup rice)
Grated coconut-1/4 cup
Ghee-3 tablespoons
Broken Green gram-1/4 cup (pasiparuppu)
Cardomom-4 (powder it along with a teaspoon of sugar in the mixie)
Wash the rice. Spread it under the fan for an hour in newspaper till the rice gets dried. Those who can’t dry can keep it in microwave for a minute. Put it in the mixi and powder it like rava.
For making the modagam first roast the rava in a tablespoon of ghee for 2 minutes. In a kadai pour 6 cups of water. Add the jaggerry. When the jaggerry water boils strain it using a steel strainer to remove the impurities. After straining pour back the jaggerry water into the kadai and when the water starts boiling add the broken rice and the green gram. Mix well. Add a table spoon of ghee. Keep the flame very low. Close the kadai. The rice will get cooked in 10 minutes. Open the kadai now and then and mix. Once the rice appears to be cooked, add the grated coconut,powdered cardomom and one more table spoon of ghee. Switch of the stove. Allow it to cool for 5 minutes. Make small balls and steam it in idly pan for 8 minutes.


Cham said...

My mom always did with rava, I tasted the pouranam this one is very different.
Wish you and Your family a Wonderful New Year, Aunty :)

karthika said...

Aaaaaachi :) , Thanks a ton for such a quick help. It sure is a 'only-Solai-aachi-recipe'. With your detailed instructions I hope I can achieve nearingly, as good as you. Will try and update you. Your version always gives full confidence to prepare for an important time.
Thanks from my heart aachi.Its really touching.

Devi said...


What a lovely recipe. I tried it today and it came out well. One request..Would it be possible for you to post recipes for venn pongal and sakkara pongal for the upcoming holidays? I am at a loss as to how to make them. It will be such a great help. Thanks!

karthika said...

Solai aachi, I did exactly as in this. It came out so tasty. My husband and my 5 year old loved it too much. Everybody in the gathering asked about how it is so soft and I proudly gave them the link. (I used 4 cups of rice and got 160 Modagams). Thankyou for your efforts aachi.

Janani said...

Hello Achi,

Thanks for all recipes. I follow all your recipes. It is very helpful for starters. Achi please upload cooking videos and recipe for sakkarai pongal if possible.
Wish you and your family Happy Pongal!

Skl said...

hello aunty,
we tried this recipe,turned out so delicious,was great for a change,everyone loved it,so soft and tasty,we made few just to try the recipe,all got over,we tried almost all recipes in the blog,any recipe we pick,we know for sure it will turn very well coz of detailed and honest instructions,hard to find people who honestly share their culnary secrets,thank you very much,skl

Aruna Rajendran said...

Hi madam, i tried this reciep yeaterday... It came out wonderful...soft and tasty... My husband loved it:)