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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chicken Cutlet

This is one of the non-veg specialties that I am good at preparing. I have a recipe of my own, which is very easy and very sure of turning perfect. So even the new ones can give the recipe a try. I myself is a big fan of my cutlet and my daughter always will tell that she finds the cutlet at home the best. Because of this I have never tried an alternate recipe though I know that many would have different and better recipes. Almost every time I buy chicken my daughter will be pestering me to keep some pieces apart for the cutlet. In your purchase of chicken , separate little bone less pieces. There is no exact quantity of chicken required. If it is little less or more, the taste will not change much.

Ingredients I
Boneless chicken pieces-200gms
Potato-3 (medium size)
Ingredients II
Big onion-1 chopped
Green chilli-chopped 3
Ginger garlic paste-1 teaspoon
Garam masala powder-1/2 teaspoon
Turmeric powder-1 teaspoon
Red Chili powder-1 teaspoon
Ingredients III
Powdered rusk – handful
Egg white- 1 Egg
Oil-4 Table spoons
Pressure cook the potatoes without cutting for 10 minutes
Cut the chicken into small pieces
Cook the chicken pieces in a kadai for 7 minutes
Remove the chicken pieces from the kadai
After it cools mince it in a mincer or mixie (make sure there is no water)
Peele off the skin of the potatoes and smash it after it cools
In a kadai in a teaspoon of oil sauté the items given in Ingredients II.Add the powders after switching off the stove, else they will get burnt
Now add this into the potato mix.
Add the minced chicken also into this
Add the required quantity of salt
Mix everything well
Check for the taste
If hotness or salt is missing add chili powder or salt
Spread the rusk powder in a paper
1 egg white is enough for the whole thing
Keep the egg white in a soup bowl so that you can dip the cutlet and take out
Make the cutlets in the shape you like
Dip into the egg white and roll over the rusk powder and keep aside
After making 5 or 6 cutlets , Keep oil in a very small frying pan and fry the cutlets in medium fire
The fire in no stage should be high
After one side gets fried slowly change side
There is no chance of this cutlet breaking
If it breaks it means it is watery
There is no chance of water in this recipe as we boil the potatoes as a whole
By somehow if it gets watery , add little rusk powder or bread into the mix and make it thick
Fry the cutlets one by one or 2 at a time as we have kept only little oil
Those who don’t want even this oil can fry it in a tawa which I am not good at
Your chicken cutlet is ready
Serve it with tomato sauce
It tastes Yummy with the sauce
I am sure many of my loving readers give a try at this recipe when they buy chicken next time and leave me a comment


Deepa (#07420021555503028936) said...


hmm.. If you had posted this yday, defnly I wud have made this this evening...let me wait till next weekend!

And madam,I tried your Mutton Briyani recipe last Sunday (following every word, except that I used Basmati rice)
And it came out great.
Thank you very much. :-)

Gracyvivek said...

wooooow....super aunty...these lovely recipes can only be prepared by u.....aunty please post PAAL KOLUKATTAI and PAAL PANIARAM.I'm waiting for ur reply...take care

Solai Chidambaram said...

Surely I will post the two recipes soon gracy.Here it is raining badly and all at home are down with cold and fever.so even if I make all these,there will be nobody even to taste it.Chicken cutlet is an item one will love any time

Akal's Saappadu said...

I like chicken cutlets too and also everybody at home:) your cutlets sound yummy; that's an appetizer which will disappear within minutes , delicious with chilly sauce too!

R.Amudha HariHaran said...

hi mam...all ur receipes are too gud....they come out very well even at our first trial...keep posting more receipes.would be happy if u could post many receipes made with mushrooms.

Kayal said...

Hi Aachi,
Is there any way of skipping egg white??

Solai Chidambaram said...

kayal,I think we can try dipping in maida instead of milk.but egg makes the cutlet too soft

Cham said...

Sounds super easy and tasty , I got to try chicken, been many years i made chicken cutlet!
Between I made ur sundakkai pachadi Aunty, I didn't even get a little left to get a snap! That was a another excellent recipe Aunty! I am badly looking for fresh sundakkai again :(

Meyyammai said...

Hi aunty your receipes are tooooooooo good . Can you plaese post the receipe for paachorru and marrakkarikai dosai(the sweet rice and daal dosai which they prepare in padaippu veedu)

Racing the horizon said...

Solai aunty, my friend
mentioned your blog and I am trying your recipes every weekend, they are real yummy, thanks for your work.

Racing the horizon said...

Solai aunty, your recipes are great, I am trying one every weekend. thanks for your work.

Maha said...

Hi, All your recipes are wonderful. I have tried a few and they all tasted good.
Have a doubt with this recipe - What is mean by cooking chicken in kadai? Does it mean frying chicken with little oil?
Thanks, Maha

Solai Chidambaram said...

Maha,You can cook the chicken in small qty of water and use the stalk for something else later

Crystal Report said...

Such a gr8 receipe! Today I would give a try!

soosan said...

Dear Achi,
Tried your chicken cutlet following every word in your recipe. it came out very tasty.everyone at home enjoyed it.Many thanks
Just one more question.Would it be a good idea to bake these cutlets instead of frying just to reduce the amount of oil intake??If so any advise on what temperature to use and for how long.Please advise achi.
Thanks again

soosan said...

Dear Achi,
Tried your chicken cutlet following every word in your recipe. it came out very tasty.everyone at home enjoyed it.Many thanks
Just one more question.Would it be a good idea to bake these cutlets instead of frying just to reduce the amount of oil intake??If so any advise on what temperature to use and for how long.Please advise achi.
Thanks again

Divya Vikram said...

Chicken cutlet sounds awesome! Bookmarked!

Solai Chidambaram said...

soosan,I am very poor at baking.I have to try.I have an OTG oven.Yet to make good use of that

class photo said...

hi solai.
can please tell me the tamil name of ani seeds

Shantha said...

I tried the chicken cutlet and it turned out good. I broiled it in the oven on the Hi setting for around 10-15 mins on each site. You can see the cutlet browning. I used cooking spray, so that it won't be too dry.

Solai Chidambaram said...

thyankyou shantha.I will also try in the oven

vineetha said...

First time in this lovely blog..absolutely love chettinad dishes.I have been to chennai 2 yrs back and had tasted the wonderful chettinad curries..Now i can cook them at home.Will be surely following you

aravind said...

very delicious.

shri said...

Your recipes are very good.Do give us some lunch box recipes for kids.

Solai Chidambaram said...

starting to blog lunch box recipes is there in my mind for quite some time.somehow I am not doing it.will soon start Shri

JAYANTHI said...

Hello solai aunty,

Other than rusk powder what can i use? Please help me.

Fabiola said...

Dear Aunty,
Yesterday I tried ur chicken cutlet. It came out really well. My son who is 2 and 1/2 years old liked it very much. I shared the cutlets with my neighbours and got very good feedback.. Thanks to you..

coriander said...

Hi Solai,
DO you cook the chicken in the kadai without water?
Just chicken w/o salt or water?
Im planning to prepare this for my daughter this weekend.


Solai Chidambaram said...

No coriander,Cook the chicken in a cup of water or two without salt

Sindhu said...

Hello mam,
Your recipes are too good!!! please let me know if i can discard potato and add bread pieces while making cutlet so that even diabetic patients can have this cutlet.

Solai Chidambaram said...

yes sindu,try with bread instead of potato.

Skl said...

Hello aunty,
We kept aside some boneless pieces for this dish and made the cutlets,it came out very delicious,had as evening snack,everything got over in minutes,the chicken with potato combination is going well for cutlets and with tomato sauce,
During childhood at ancestral home we used to have this with mutton too,they even make chicken/mutton urundai kuzhambhu,tastes great,goes well with rice,thank you,skl

kamatchi said...

Hi Solai Achi,
Many thanks for all ur recipes.i followed ur vellai paniyaram recipe and got it right for this diwali.Thanks.will trythis chicken cutlet next weekend and thank you for the maavilaku recipe too which i love(my appatha used to do for me whenever i ask.

Guna Mani said...


I had a doubt whether we need to boil the egg or not