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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kathirikkai Masal (Brinjal Masal)

Those who relish the taste of brinjal can’t resist this recipe. Brinjal is known to be a good cure for acidity (Gas trouble) as well. The cooking and the ingredients are simple. Only thing that we need, to cook it deliciously is the patience to be in the kitchen till the dish is done. I always make sure that I stay in the kitchen till my cooking is done. I have seen people doing hundred other works while cooking. May be that they are so efficient that they can manage so many things at a time. But I always feel that cooking will be perfect if it is done with care. Chettiar ladies are very particular in this. There will be only one lady in the house and nothing will be compromised. There will be a curry, Koottu and poriyal for lunch. The quantity of each item cooked will make us wonder and the vessel in which it is kept will be like the ones with which the kids play (choppu saman).I have heard my mom telling that my grandma will make cabbage koottu with the two outer layers of cabbage and beans poriyal out of 10 beans, if she alone is to have lunch. This it self is an example of the patience with which they cook. They used to have lot of time also. So they will spend an hour cooking sitting near the stove. But now days things are different. We can’t sit near the stove for hours. But we have very fast methods of cooking and we can make a feast within 2 hours. To be honest if we are in the kitchen for an hour in the morning we can finish the day’s cooking and forget about it for the whole day. So my kind advice to the youngsters is that don’t leave the kitchen with something in the stove. If you have only 10 minutes go for a menu and recipe which will get done within that time like rasam and potato. Choose the menu according to the time you have. Don’t pressurize yourself by attempting to cook something with in a very short time.
Coming to the brinjal fry, Select the brinjal which are tender (don’t have seed).many have a doubt of how to pick them from the market. The cap of the brinjal should be fat, green and thick .if you press the brinjal and see it should not be hard. We can make it out from the sight itself whether they are fresh or not. Make sure they are fresh too.
Brinjal-1/4 kg
Onion (big)-1
Garlic-10 pods
Sambar powder-1 table spoon
Turmeric powder-1/2 teaspoon
Fresh coriander leaves-little
Curry leaf-little
Salt-to taste
Oil-1 table spoon (be little liberal in using oil for this fry)
Cthe brinjals as shown in the picture. Mince onion, garlic and tomatoes. Keep the kadai in the stove.s4eason the fry with a teaspoon of mustard, fennel seed and curry leaves. Add the onion and garlic pieces first and sauté for a while. Then add the tomatoes and sauté for a minute .Now add the brinjal and sauté nicely in medium fire for 5 minutes. Now it will be half done .In this stage add the turmeric powder, sambar powder and the salt. Mix everything well. Pour half a cup of water into the kadai now so that the brinjal pieces get cooked softly. Reduce the fire, close the kadai and cook for 5 more minutes or till the water gets absorbed and oil separates .Make sure that the brinjal pieces are softly cooked and get blended with the masal else add little more water and cook for a while. Garnish with coriander leaves. Corriander leaves along with brinjal will be excellent


Akal's Saappadu said...

your brinjal masal looks great and the method seems so simple.

I know a friend of mine who is a chettiyar too and her mom does wonderful prawn rice (we call it yera sore)(she used to bring it to the hostel), hmmmmm..., i think my tongue can never forget that taste!

Kayal said...

I prepare the same way...but only difference is I add more of garlic....almost 30 pods..yours look so perfect.

Asha said...

Mouthwatering dish, I love Brinjal dishes. Must try sometime, thanks Solai!! :)

Happy cook said...

Looks so delicious, just looking to all the cut veg in the plate itself makes me want to have them.

indosungod said...

What a delicious curry. I was looking to cook brinjal and this is the recipe.

Cham said...

I agree with you, if we don't have time, do not attempt a time consuming dish :)
Very tasty masal...

Cilantro said...

I too believe that cooking needs patience. It is an art ....brinjal masal looks delicious. Thank for the recipe.

Raji said...

Brinjal is my favorite but not my kids, they just don't like to touch it only. Anyway I do cook it and see to it that they don't know it is brinjal... Thanks Aachi

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Lovely recipe. Looks so good. Love to have it with hot sambar rice. YUM!

Sujatha said...

Looks so spicy and authentic aachi! love the color.. all in our family are big fans of brinjal.. so bookmarking this recipe..

apa said...

heloo mam,
I am regularly visiting your blog.great recipes mam.I request you to post parotta kurma recipe mam.

Malar Gandhi said...

Oh my gosh...its a treasure to discover your blog. All my favourite recipes...I am a die hard fan for chettinad cuisine!!!

This brinjal recipe is very inviting and sounds so authentic, lov it!:)

Priti said...

Looks so gud....I was thinking abt Chettinard food and always your blog comes in mind

Vicky Xavier. said...

Kathirikkai masal preparation seems very authentic and perfect. Enjoyed reading about chettiyar women and their patience to cook. Thats a lovely thing about them.
Pictures look beautiful.I will try this brinjal masal soon.

Roopa said...

The kathrikkai masal came out really well.....keep posting more recipes.....thanks

RACHEL said...

Mouth watering dish.can u tell what is sambhar powder.can v put sakthi sambhar powder r is it r.chilli plus coriander powder.

JAYANTHI said...

Hi Aunty,

First i thanks for your receipe. It seems yummy. I tried several receipes. But I am satisfied with your menues. Thanks u. Please post any new items in your blog also. It will be helpful for new comers also.

Amuthachelvi said...

Today I cooked this dish and everyone loved it. Thankyou.

Anitha said...

i tried a lot of your recipes and found them all awesome.thx.
keep posting.

Kutty said...

Easy to prepare in short time. Goes well with curd rice.

Skl said...

Hello aunty,
Tried this recipe with more kuzhambu,turned out great,

anitha tg said...

Hi Aachi,
I tried it today..turned out really awesome.I am not a big fan of brinjal. But I couldn't resist cooking it after I saw the pic you posted. Thanks a lot for sharing this recipe