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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thatta Payaru Mavathal Kuzhambu (Cow peas mango gravy)

Sun dried veg and non veg are sure find items in a chettinad store room. The chettinad ladies stock these items when they are cheap in the market.Kathiri vathal,mavathal,Kothavarai vathal are some vegetables sun dried. They have by experience found out the best combination of these vathals with some pulses. Now days many are away from the chettinad homes and due to the scarcity of time and space these items have become a rare find in many chettiar homes.
Half ripe mookku mangai will be a best choice for making vathal.In my garden I have only a small mango variety and I stock little of that mango vathal during season.
The mangai vathal along with thatta payar will make an all purpose gravy when we are short of time or interest to cook. Fresh mangoes also will be good along with this payar.The gravy can be had with rice.Some papad will be a best side dish.For the curd rice the peas will be good.So if you make one gravy,then a good meal is on the cards

Thatta payar-1 cup
Mangai vathal-6 to 7 (soaked for 20 minutes in hot water) or fresh mango pieces-6
Small onion-10 or big onion chopped-1
Sambar powder-2 teaspoon
Garlic smashed-6
Tamarind-1very little(1/4 teaspoon) (depend on the sourness of the mango used)
For seasoning
Mustard-1 teaspoon
Fennel seeds-1 teaspoon
In a kadai dry roast the the thatta payar in slow fire for 3 minutes .Pour 3 cups of water and pressure cook for 5 minutes or cook in the kadai itself till the peas get cooked well. Once the peas get cooked add the mango pieces, onion, tomatoes and sambar powder. Cook for 5 more minutes. Now add the tamarind extract and the salt needed and cook for further 5 minutes. Make sure that the curry is little watery. The curry should be a little bit extra salty and hot, then only it will be good with rice and the peas will be tasty. When everything is cooked add the smashed garlic pieces before switching off the stove. Season the gravy with the items given in ‘to season’ in a separate kadai and pour into the gravy.


Cham said...

Ah ! I am drooling over ur mangai vattal, It has been a decade I ve tasted it!
Thattai payir and chirru payir are same? Never tasted one with vathal mangai, sure the tangy taste of mango blend well with hot rice :)

Divya Vikram said...

Looks tangy n delicious..

DEESHA said...

must be really nice & tangy .. looks nice

Solai Chidambaram said...

Chiru payir is Whole green gram.The same curry is made with that also cham

Sujatha said...

Thata payar and mangai vathal combo sounds delicious :) I can already feel the tangy taste.. Nice kuzhambu recipe :)

kanchana said...

hai solai its delicious. Can u post recipe of KOZHI VARUTHA CURRY.

Priti said...

Umm...looks yum...wow I can feel the tangy taste...gud one ..Wish you Happy Dusshera

Illatharasi said...

Aaaaha manga vathala.... mouth watering.... I too have doubt in tht thattai payir... ithu kollu mathiri irukke... rendum onna?

Solai Chidambaram said...

No illatharasi Kollu is different.If u cant get this payaru which is very common in india you can use pasi payaru ie,whole green gram.Without manga vathal also this curry will be good

Illatharasi said...

Hi Solai, eppadi irukeenga? :)

Come and pick up an award from my blog:)

uma said...

hello mam,i like all your receipes. i try to make all veggie(saivam)items. just i want to know about the sambar powder (ur style)preperation. plz could u post it for me.thanks in advance.

Lakshmi said...

hi aunty,
how r u?its me lakshmi..this recipe was so good i tried it today...aunty we r having 7 month old kid..if u have any koolu or kanchi recipe for babies it will be very useful for me and as well as new moms...aunty waiting for it..take care..

Kartika Adaikalavan said...

hi aunty, many thanks for creating this wonderful blog of chettinad recipes. it has helped me a great deal to re-create my mom;s cooking while living abroad!

i have a question with regards to this recipe, why do we add smashed garlic to rasams and some curries, only towards the end?

Solai Chidambaram said...

Kartika,Crushed raw garlic gives a different flavour.cooked garlic looses some of its flavour.

Kartika Adaikalavan said...

thanks aunty for replying so quickly! and happy new year to you!

ram said...

Kathiri vathal,mavathal,Kothavarai vathal

Can you please let us know how to make these?

divya arun said...

Thank you for the tasty thatta payaru kuzhambu.its taste good.

Skl said...

hello aunty,
we tried this dish,turned out great,used fresh mangoes,good combination with rice and papad,nice to have good tasty food at home,still remember when i first came here,my husband would buy from out very often,we would call home
for recipes,wont turn out like homefood,we would just eat coz should not waste,at times we would have just tea,unless mom visits us,then we would have good food,after cooking from your blog we hardly go out,the word thank you is just not enough,you have helped us with one very imp part of life,skl