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Monday, September 29, 2008

Pakkoda Kuzhambu Or Pakkoda Kuruma

Since long time this recipe is due from me as some of my readers insisted me to post this chettinad special curry. I took such a long time because I couldn’t find out the exact chettinad recipe and also after finding out, it took three or four times trial for me to make it perfect. Each time I made one one small mistake and finally has come out with the proper one.

Ingredients for the pakkoda
Channa dhal (kadalai paruppu) -1/4 cup or 5 to 6 table spoons
(Only small amount of pakkoda can be used for the gravy)
Red chilli-3 Fennel seed-1 teaspoon
Salt-very little
Soak the above items for 20 minutes and coarsely grind it in the mixie with little water.
Items to grind
Cocunut-2 table spoons
Kas kas-1 teaspoon
Pottukadalai-1 table spoon
In the snap I have not shown coconut but coconut is needed to make the gravy thick and so I corrected in the next attempt

Ingredients for the gravy
Big onion (chopped)-1
Tomato (nicely chopped)-1
Garlic-5 pods
Coriander powder-1 table spoon
Sambar powder-1 table spoon
To season
Cinamon-3 pieces
Fennel seeds-1 teaspoon
Curry leaf-little
Keep the grinded pakkoda mix ready. Keep little oil in the kadai for frying the pakkoda. Once the oil is moderately hot just drop the mix shapeless into the oil and fry. No need to make round ones. We call (ennayil uthuthu vidanum in Tamil).Fry all the mix and set aside.
Now we have to make the gravy to add the pakkoda. This gravy will always be spicy .So spices should be added while seasoning
Keep the kadai in the stove. In one table spoon of oil season the gravy with the items in ‘to season’. Sauté the onion, tomato and garlic pieces. Add the sambar powder and coriander powder. Sauté this too nicely. Now add 4 to 5 cups of water. Add little turmeric powder and the salt needed. Close the kadai and cook for 5 minutes. Now add the grinded coconut mix into the gravy and cook for 5 more minutes. Remember that the gravy should be watery while adding the pakkoda. Pakkodas will drink the gravy as times goes by and no gravy will be left at the end. So be sure the gravy is enough watery. Add the pakkodas in such a way that all the pieces are inside the gravy. Do not stir the gravy with a spoon after adding the pakkodas till they get soaked. After adding all the pakkodas allow the gravy to boil once and switch off the stove. Garnish with coriander leaves while serving


DEESHA said...

nice recipe .. shall try it sometime .. thanks for sharing

Cham said...

The gravy sounds little different but definetly looks delicious ur pakoda kuzhambu.
Like ur profile pic!

Divya Vikram said...

Looks too yummy!

Solai Chidambaram said...

Thankyou cham,divya and deesha.I will be always waiting to see cham's comments after posting a recipe.A very quick response always dear

Usha said...

This is my first visit to your blog this pakkoda kozhumbu sounds wonderful...good one :)

Sujatha said...

This is a new recipe to me.. Looks delicious! Pakodas in kuzhambu sounds very different and yummy! Thanks for sharing this recipe, aachi :)

v said...

Solai Akka,

Thank you very much for my favorite bakoda kuzhambu. Its noce to know that you always looks for quality than the name. Recipe looks authentic. I will try this recipe over the weekend.


Anu said...

I tried this recipe - turned out a great! The only thing I would have preferred to adding a bit not red chili to increase it to the real Chettinad spiciness level. But, the flavors were fantastic. Thanks for posting the recipe.

Veda said...

hi aachi,
i tried ur pakoda kurma today. this z a completely new recipe to me n it turned out well. Thank u.

Sumathikarthikeyan said...

I love pakoda kuzhambu....Will try this recipe and get back to you with my experience....:-)

WhyteHousieBala said...

Hello aunty,

I tried this dish today... It came out very good.. It was similar to Vada Kari.. I think, Mom cooks pakoda kuzhambu in a different way, that one tastes different..(I think, mom doesn't add cocunut..she adds cocunut only to kola urundai kuzhambu).. ur way of cooking pakoda kuzhambu also looks good.. Thanx for this..


WhyteHousieBala said...

When I was talking with mom today, I asked how she makes Pakoda kuzhambu.. As I expected, She doesn't add cocunut to the kuzhambu. That one tastes like puli kuzhambu.. (My father doesn't like cocunut added to pakoda kuzhambu, thats y she doesn't add).. You can try that one day..

Solai Chidambaram said...

Bala,There are two kinds of pakoda kuzhambu.One with cocunut and the other without.When you add cocunut,the gravy will taste rich.My recipe is given by an authentic chettinad cook.so i tried this one.I have tried without cocunut also.But nobody in our house likes puli kuzhambu.Good that you try different recipes for the same dish,when people find it difficult to cook atleast one.

WhyteHousieBala said...

Nah, I haven't tried the kuzhambu without cocunut.. I was just asking mom how she makes this kuzhambhu.. Everyone use to say that she's d best cook, both in appatha n aaya side..

Akila said...

very tasty recipe aunty..tried this one yesterday.It turned out very well.Thanks for sharing

Lakshmi said...

new & nice recipe..i tried this 3days before..my hubby likes it very well..but pakkoda becomes crunchy somewhat..hope i roasted fully...is any mistake in that achi?

Raghupathy said...

I think so you have missed some thining in this recepe. i am also from 'pallatur' near karaikudi

Solai Chidambaram said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Solai Chidambaram said...

Raghupathy,Please go through the recipe fully.I have mentioned that in the first trial I missed cocunut but included it the next time.May be it is the coconut you reffer as missing.if I have missed anything else feel free to correct.

mia said...

I Love chettinad recipes.I am from Madurai n m a sourashtrian. I tried this couple of days back and it came out really gud. M gng to try chettinad milagu varuval from ur recipe aunty or should i call u aachi? My kids loved it n they had extra serving of rice with this kozhambu n they r just 3 yrs (twins) .they passed a comment n that is

Subha said...

Hello Aachi,
i tried this recipe, turned out very well.I did this for my son's b'day party, was a big hit. everyone liked it. thank u so much.i have always tried your recipes and they all came out well.
thanks again.

Skl said...

hello aunty,
we tried this dish,turned out great,we have tasted vada curry but this recipe and taste is much better,pakkodas in gravy,its very different and delicious,new to our palate,thank you,skl