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Friday, October 18, 2013

Red Cabbage Paneer Stir Fry (Sivappu muttai kose paneer poriyal)

Whatever may be the color of cabbage you choose to cook,you are not wrong.Both are very low in calories and high in fiber and nutrients.
                                            But  red cabbage has 10 times more vitamin A than the green one and it has double the iron than green cabbage
                                     This recipe is the new found by chettinad cooks .In a marriage last month I happened to taste this curry and was impressed by its taste. The cook engaged for that wedding was one of the best chettinad cooks.I slowly enquired him what it was and its preparation.As we were the groom's people he couldn't refuse to tell. It is a simple recipe,the usual cabbage fry and instead of grated coconut paneer is added.But the smell of cabbage was not there in this recipe and it tasted different

Red cabbage minced -250 gms
big onion minced-1
green chili-4
paneer shredded-100 gms

Wash the cabbage and keep aside.keep the kadai in the stove.In one table spoon of cooking oil season the fry with a teaspoon of mustard and urudh dhal along with little curry leaf.Add the minced onion and green chilies.Saute for a minute.Now add the washed cabbage.keep the fire in medium.The water in the washed cabbage will be enough for it to cook. Mix well and close the kadai. After five minutes check whether the pieces are cooked. If not add the salt needed and sprinkle some water and cook for three more minutes.Once it is cooked to your desired level add the shredded paneer and cook for two more minutes.


Skl said...

Hello aunty,
Good to see new recipes,we tried this dish,turned out very delicious,combination of cabbage and paneer is great,thank you,skl

Annapurani Dhandapani said...

Hello Aunty,

Till now, I used only white cabbage as I don't know how the red one tastes. Thanks for the super dish. I'll try this and definitely post the comment. Thx once again.

Cham said...

How re you aunty? Different combination, i make chutney or soup with this purple one, stir fry sounds good too.

Poorna said...

Hello aunty!
i've tried almost 90% of ur recipes which are very easy to follow and turns out 100% perfect. I live in the UK and seriously crave for our lovely Indian festive sweets and snacks. I'm sure you would be a 'master chef' in making them as well! Would you be kind enough to post some of the recipes with pics too aunty?

thank you,

dev smith said...

nice is this. i will also try to make this at my home. and i will follow your guide line's. thanks to this awesome.
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saji said...

Madam inekk than intha recipies ellam parthen.Iam from kerala, married in to coimbatore. Not good in cooking. Recipies ellam super. Husband does not like the kuzhambu items made by me. Madam please write veg kuzhambu varieties, pulikuzhambu etc

saji said...

Hai aunty ippo recenta than ungalode recipies ellam parthen. Superb. Iam from kerala married in to tamilnadu. Not good in cooking. Husband does not like the kuzhambu itedms I made. So plese write more kuzhambu varities

unnatisilks said...

Nice dish aunty, can i use white cabbage, instead of red cabbage.