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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Thayir Bonda or Thayir Vadai (Curd Bonda)

                                                 All Indians would have certainly tasted thayir vadai,  the traditional vadai soaked in Curd. This bonda soaked in curd is little different . I prefer this to  thayir vadai since there is no seasoning and no onions added .For the youngsters it is a very easy item  as they need not flatten the vadai with a whole in the middle It is false proof too. The main thing to be taken care of for the dish turning perfect is the small tips to be followed. If you are going to make all the vadai or bonda and going to soak it in curd for hours and serve then the vadai is going to be soggy. So follow the blog exact to get good results
Urudh dhal -1 cup (It gives 30 bondas to the size shown in snap)  In a party can be served to 10 people.
Green chili-1
Salt to taste
Oil to fry
Curd  whipped with salt -3 cups (keep some curd extra)
Red chili powder- 1 table spoon
Coriander leaves for garnishing
Omam powder -1 table spoon  (optional)
Soak the dhal for 30 minutes. Don't soak more else there is a chance of bonda becoming oily. grind it the way you grind vada batter.  Tip to the new ones grind it adding less than ¼ cup water.  Excess water will make the bonda oily and also difficult to drop in oil. So use the minimum water. Since you are not using much water to grind check the grinder often and mix well. In between add the chili and salt needed too.
             Add ½ litre oil in a kadai and heat.once the oil is hot keep the flame in medium. Take little batter in your hand and try to somewhat make it round between your fingers and drop in oil. If you don’t make it round also no problem. It will automatically form like bondas.If the bondas stick to each other also don’t worry .It can be separated once fried.Turn sides and fry golden brown with the flame high. Take the bondas and keep it in a tissue paper to absorb excess oil.

                                             Keep the curd whipped along with salt also ready.If you are going to serve in a party,then when you are going to serve keep the required cups and place bondas in it. Add the curd  to immerse the bondas in curd to all cups. Now sprinkle red chili powder and omam powder on top. Finally garnish with coriander leaves.
                 Important thing to be noted is that the bondas should not be allowed to soak in curd for more than 10 minutes.since there is no seasoning or onions children will love it.
To my surprise my younger one waited for me to take the snap and finished the cup. She is not a big fan of thayir vadai  


maxo said...
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maxo said...

Achi - You are on a blogging Spree - Guess Summer Vacations are truely on ;-)

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Ayira Meen Kozhambu Pls

Skl said...

Hello aunty,
We tried this dish,came out well,need not worry about vada shapes with hole in middle,tastes much better than Thayir vada,was careful about soaking time,it turned out great,taking snacks once in a while is nice for a change,it was not oily,the procedure is written well,if followed word to word,it turns out great,thank you,skl