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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thirattu Paal

This is a must item for the pillayar nombu that the chettiars celebrate.I have already blogged Elai mavu recipe.We usually take elai in elai mavu,but in some families they have the practice of taking elai in thirattu paal.But I guess that all will prepare thirattu paal for the function.If we intend to take elai in thirattu paal we have to make it little thicker to the consistency of paal gova.


Milk -1 litre (thick)

Sugar -1/2 cup (100 gms) If karupatti is alone used for sweetness -3/4 cup

Karuppatti –small piece (optional)

Salt-1 kallu (1/4 teaspoon)

Lemon juice-1 teaspoon (if you don’t have karupatti piece)

Yelakkai powder-1/2 teaspoon (optional)


Bring the milk to nice boil.Add the salt piece.if you have karupatti add that.Now you can find the milk curding. Dont use ladle and break it.Allow it to curdle nicely.Keep the stove in medium so that it doesn’t catch at the bottom.Karupatti will help the milk to curdle and also give some flavor.But many now are fond of the white color.So sugar can be used for sweetness.If your milk doesn’t curdle add lemon juice or little bit of salt.After the milk has curdled nicely,you can use the ladle.Keep the stove in medium and make the water in the milk evaporate.If the thirattu paal is going to be used for elai evaporate all the water and bring it to the consistency of paal gova else switch of when there is not much water .The milk will get little thicker once it cools down.So it can be switched off little before.I usually don’t add cardamom but if you like the flavor it can be added.

note; If you are using karuppatti dissolve it in little water and heat it a bit.Then strain it using a metallic strainer if hot to remove impurities.


viji said...

Dear Solai,

We do not get karupatti here, so is there anything else that can be substituted for that.
By the way, your mutton biriyani is awesome! Have made it quite a few times now...

Ram said...

Achi, I have tasted my mom's and one of my appatha's thirattu paal - it tastes very much like you have given. But, my appatha's will have a flavor of pachai karpooram - can we add that? a little bit?

Cham said...

Totally a different recipe Aunty, I love thirattu paal, must try ur way. Happy New Year to u and Ur family!

Chitra said...

My dad told me abt this. bookmarked !!

Madhu Pravin said...

Oh wow! One of My Fav Chettinad Delicacy! Lookin forward for d recipe to try n relish it :)

Unknown said...

Hi Solai achi,
For thirattu paal, can we drain the water once the milk is curdled? It takes too much time to allow it to evaporate.

Solai Chidambaram said...

The water should not be drained.The taste will go if done so.patience is neede to do this.

Bhuvana Ragu said...

Dear Aachi,

I got married recently and I cooked your chicken Briyani and I could impress all my new family members. They loved it... Can you please post the valakai varuval and vendhaya kanchi..

Bhuvana Ragu said...

Dear Aachi,

I got married recently and I cooked the chicken briyani and other food as you mentioned in your blog and all my new family members loved it. Can you please post more on chettinad dishes as my husband is fan of it. Can you please tell about valakai varuval also..

Ray said...

Hello Aunty,

Your blog is awesome and I've tried many vegetarian recipes . Recently I had a chettinad mullangi kuzhambu in a chettinad restaurant. It was not like the garlic kuzhambu with tamarind. It was different and it definitely was not mullangi sambar. Can you please post the recipe if you have? Looking forward for many vegetarian recipes in your blog.