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Friday, October 29, 2010

Poondu Thuvaiyal or Chutney (Side dish with garlic)

In many parts of Tamilnadu this side dish is very popular and which is not so in chettinad.My neighbors used to tell that they have to make few idly’s more if they have poondu chutney. I always had a feel that the chutney will have excess garlic flavor which will make us embarrassing while we go out due to its odd smell. So I never bothered to try it. But one of my neighbors insisted me to try this at least once. She is very dedicated in cooking that she hand grinds it each time. I told her that I can’t do so. She asked me to grind it at least in the mixi and taste. My next doubt was how much garlic I can peel to have a good amount of chutney. Garlic costs Rs 250 a kg now. Though that is not a matter to be bothered for we people, we always use less of a thing when it is off season.
I should really agree that it was delicious and mouth watering . My younger one loved it and asked me why I never used to do that chutney. I told this recipe to my elder daughter in US and she too loved it. She gets peeled big garlic there and finds it very easy to do this chutney when in a hurry. Bachelors there can buy and store the peeled garlic in the fridge and can use the chutney as a side dish for frozen chapatti as well. Little chutney will be enough for 3 or 4 idly’s. The qty of chutney will be less as the ingredients are less.
Whole garlic -2 or 3
Tomato -2 (medium size)
Red chili -3 or 4 (according to taste)
For seasoning
Oil (gingerly if available) – 1 table spoon
Mustard -1 teaspoon
Broken urudh dhal -1 teaspoon
Curry leaf –little
The procedure is very simple. Note that no onions are used. Cut the tomatoes into small pieces. Keep the kadai in the stove. In little oil sauté the chilies first and remove it from the oil. Then sauté the garlic and tomatoes nicely till the garlic gets almost cooked. Finally add the salt needed and allow the mix to cool. Once it cools grind it nicely in the small jar. Even after grinding if there are small pieces of garlic inside don’t bother. It will be tasty as a whole. After removing it from the mixi season the chutney and pour it on top of the chutny and mix well till the oil gets mixed nicely into the whole chutney.


PriyaRaj said...

Very nice chutney...goes well with idli's ,dosa's...

Dershana said...

i make this without the tomatoes. will try this version now.

Cham said...

Great for health, never tasted garlic thuvaiyal should try this one!

Viji said...

Tried this today.It tasted delicious! Usually i am not a big fan of garic chutney, but i really loved this.

Thanks for sharing all your recipes Achi. I always watch out your blog for any new recipes and try them.

Kay said...

looks so yummy!! this I can try soon, unlike the blood poriyal :)

nilabharathi said...

I have not tried with tomotoes.Let me try today..Thanks for sharing :)

latha said...

Vanakkam achi
Mouth watering chutney. I didn't have the idea that the chutney would have tasted this good. Please keep posting this kind of yummy dishes.


Alamu said...

hi, I've bookmarked your site for chettinad recipes. Recipes are very similar to my mom's cooking - I like this blog so much - thanks so much. I live in US.

uvi said...

thank you for a simple and tasty chutney. going to try this tonight. we used to do without sauting it in oil first and without tomatoes.

Unknown said...

Hello Achi,

I tried this thuvaiyal last night... It was yummyy!!! enga chettiyarrukum romba pudichu irundhuchu....kalakureenga!!!! Keep posting!!!


"அம்மு" said...

My hubby loved it.. Thanks for the recipe Achi :)

Skl said...

Hello aunty,
We tried this recipe,came out very well,had with kulipaniyarams,it's going well,never had garlic chutney,we loved it,at our traditional homes,they make karvapilai chutney,not sure if its popular there,karvapilai,red chillies,garlic,tomato is optional,they grind,pour Elle enai,then simmer until raw smell goes,this is one speciality chutney among andhrites,thank you for this great recipe,skl

Sangita said...

Hello aunty, you are the inspiration for my cooking these days.