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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Godumbai Rava Uppuma (Wheat Rava Uppuma )

I am back to blogging after the short break as we are somewhat to a schedule.Still grinding idly batter on a regular basis is difficult. As I regularly have idly batter,I never make any uppuma. But now a days atleast twice in a week we have to make this. I never make bombay rava (white) uppuma (kitchadi) though I love to have it as it is difficult to digest. So the only option was wheat rava and to my surprise,I found that everybody loved it.My daughter wanted me to blog the recipe so that she can make it after I leave. This recipe will be very useful for the bachelors who cannot have idly batter all the time. Those who want to avoid rice and want to have wheat can also go for this. This is an excellent food for diabetic patients.
Broken wheat rava (nicely broken) 2 cups
onion minced - 1 cup
green chillies-6
Frozen vegetables or fresh carrot,beans and peas - 1/2 cup (optional)
grated cocunut-1 table spoon (optional)
For seasoning
Mustard seeds-1 teaspoon
channa dhal-1 table spoon
curry leaf-little

keep the pressure cooker in the stove.In two table spoons of oil season the uppuma with the items given in 'to season'.Saute the onions and green chillies for 2 minutes.Now add the rava also and saute for a minute in medium fire.Add 4 cups of water.1:2 is the ratio of water to rava.Immediately add the salt needed. Remember that after cooking it will be like 2 cups of rice cooked.So add the salt necessary for that quantity. Close the cooker.make sure that the stove is in low fire. Switch off the stove after 10 minutes.Wait for the pressure to be released.if you are sure that the bottom is not burnt ,add the frozen vegetable (cooked for 3 minutes in water) or the fresh vegetables cooked well now. Mix everything nicely. If you feel that the bottom is burnt mix in such a way that you don't reach the burnt part. Add the grated coconut also along with the vegetables.If the fire is low the bottom will never get burnt.Vegetables and coconut is optional.The uppuma will be very tasty without these also.
I Used this brand of Wheat Rava.I think that all other brands will be equally good.


Jassu said...

Aachi.. can i call u amma??U remind me so much of my amma who is in Washington nw taking care of my sister's baby.. I am frm Kerala, presently in Singapore... Thnx for the great recipes.. Tried the egg curry, navrathna kurma, vegetarian liver fry. all came out awesome!!! Have to try the chettind chicken curry ths weekend.. Hope that will come out good too !! Please keep posting new recipes.. Thanks Once again..


Hello, Solai. A grateful Canadian; I'm so happy I found your site for south Indian recipes.


Solai Chidambaram said...

Sure Jassu.I am also grown and brought up in kerala.i had my education in kerala.

Maya said...

Hi Aunty... Nice to hear about your grand son birth.. Wishes for you and your daughter. I thought to ask you recipe for nandu rasam. Can you please post that for me? Thanks in advance.

Ajay said...

Dear Aachi, my wife is in her fourth month pregnancy and we stay in UAE, away from our respective families. She finds it really difficult to cook due to her morning sickness and tiredness. Please suggest some easy receipes for me to cook for her as I have to nourish her well and at the same time manage my work as well.

Sruthi of Life said...

This has become my favourite recipe and I do it often, especially because I want to loose weight :)

Mach said...

Hi Solai
I have never posted a comment on your blog before, but I have used your recipes on a few occasions and they were simply excellent.
I am writing to you mainly to bring your attention to another blog by a person called shiva shankar, his location says Chennai, who has your recipes, text, photos all exactly the same as your blog, complete to the last fullstop.
I am not sure whether you know this person and if you already know it... if not I think you should contact him to remove all your material and complain to blog spot as well. You should consider having a copy right notice on the front page of your blog. If this is by design and you wanted him to do that please accept my apologies.

Sne said...

Do you have the recipe for Athirasam? If so, can you please post it. I haven't had it in almost 14 years and really been craving it. It is not available in New York where I am. Also, if you dont have that recipe, can you suggest any place in Coimbatore or Kerala where I can get it from. Will be going there at the end of the year on vacation.
Thanks a lot,

Murugappan Chokkalingam said...

Hi Aachi,

Please post some easy to cook recipies for bachelors

Solai Chidambaram said...

sure murugu.Please try Muttaikose muttai poriyal,potato fry,simple rasam etc.I will soon post some easy lunch box specials

presilla said...

hi aachi,
Can we cook this in normal vessel without using cooker ? So for 1 cup or Rava we should use 2 cup of water?

If we use normal vessel then after pouring water , how long we should cook? as sometimes i feel upma gets either too cooked or not cooked well, it came as over cooked fuly kolanju pochu when i tried with masala rava upma packet.

Solai Chidambaram said...

presi,if you cook in the kadai,add 2 cups of water for 1 cup rava.keep the stove in sim.close the kadai and cook.check in between and stir.switch off when all the water gets absorbed and uppuma gets rightly cooked.

Sangeetha said...

Hello Aunty,
Can u please tell me about rice uppuma....

Solai Chidambaram said...

sangeeta,soon I will write the recipe of rice uppuma.

Priya said...

Hi i am new to ur blog site.. i too do this upma with broken wheat but the rava has skin on it so how much ever i cook it tastes as if it is not cooked properly what should i do for tht

Solai Chidambaram said...

Priya,dont u get the broken wheat rava packet in the store.Use that.dont grind wheat.

Skl said...

Hello aunty,
We tried this recipe,it cooked well and was soft,thank you,

sel said...

hi aunty..all ur receipes are very usefull to a newly married girl like me....