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Monday, May 3, 2010

Pachai Kondakadalai Pirattal (Fresh Chick Peas Curry)

Another vegetable which made me curious in US is the fresh Chick peas ,right from the garden inside the pod. I found this in one of the big korean store called Lotte Plaza. I broke one pod and tasted the pea. It was tender and tasted like fresh peanut in the shell. I thought there will be at least 2 chick pea in each pod but in almost every pod there was only just one pea.

chick pea curries are always very tasty and will go well with roti, chappathi, curd rice etc.I decided to make the traditional chettinad pirattal with the chettinad masala. The curry turned out very tasty. Those who don't want the masala can make the curry adding a teaspoon of sambar powder alone
Chick peas-200gms(shelled out)
Big onion-1

Ingredients for the Masala (optional)
coconut grated-2 table spoon
Red chili-4
Small jeera-1 teaspoon
Fennel seed-1 teaspoon
Ingredients for seasoning
Mustard seed-1 teaspoon
Fennel seed-1 teaspoon
curry leaf-little
Take out the chick pea when you have time and store it in the fridge. Mince the onion. In the mixie or blender smash the tomato little so that it will get cooked fast. Keep the kadai in the stove.In a table spoon of cooking oil season the curry with the items given in 'To season'. Saute the onion and the smashed tomato.If you choose not to grind coconut paste, add 1 teaspoon of sambar powder( kuzhambu milagai thool)to the sauted mixture.When the sauted mixture boils add the chick peas and close the kadai. Check in between that there is enough water for the chick pea to get cooked. It will get cooked within 10 minutes.Once the chick pea is cooked soft , add the salt needed and the grinded masala.Cook in medium fire till the masala gets cooked and oil starts separating


Divya Vikram said...

Have found these in the stores but never tried cooking with it. Thanks for the recipe.

bindhiyasovi said...

Hello Aachi, Came to know about this blog through Kavita. Chettinad food is my all time favorite. But, cooking no - I'm still new to that food. Your blog makes me feel why not try Chettinad food in my kitchen. Your blog looks very nice and I like the way you explain things simple and with pictures. I already bookmarked it. Thanks for such a nice site :)

Shabitha Karthikeyan said...


First of all I should say..you inspired me a lot to start a blog which I was planning for a long time and never did. Also your recipes are awesome and I simply search your blog for any chettinad dish. You have good collection of recipes...

Never tried cooking fresh chick peas. Will try soon.

ramtam said...

Aachi, I made this masala today. It came out very well. I found about 10 pods having 2 peas. The rest had just one. Thanks for the recipe.

Lakshmi said...

an amazing recipe...its so yummy.i tried it on sunday..we both enjoyed to eat..after ur recipe only i used to notice these kondakadalai in groceries...thank u for ur different dishes..keep blogging different dishes..

Skl said...

hello aunty,
we tried this dish,came out very well,had with curd rice,this veggie is new to us,saw the recipe earlier and located the veggie in bazaar,its different,very nice,tender,great taste,thank you,skl