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Monday, April 19, 2010

Kalaikkose Pirattal (Brussels sprouts curry )

I was really excited when I saw this vegetable in the H mart,since this is one of the rare vegetable found only in big towns like Trichi, Chennai ,Coimbatore, Madurai etc in Tamil Nadu.The people who conduct big functions like weddings manage to get these from the nearest big city like Trichi. The chettinad cooks make tasty dishes out of kalakkose like pirattal,Kuruma etc.
In my first visit to the hmart itself I got this vegetable. I first made kuruma out of this and I was not very much impressed. I think I overcooked the veg. Next I tried the traditional pirattal and it turned out very tasty. My daughter who hates the smell of cabbage was happy that she can taste something similar to cabbage without the smell of cabbage which many dont like.
This dish can be mixed with rice and can be packed for lunch for those who are not big fans of curd rice. This will go very well with curd rice as a side dish.
Kalakkose-10 to 15
Big onion minced-1
Tomato-1 minced
To grind
Grated cocunut-1 table spoon
Small jeera(cumin seed0-1 teaspoon0
Big jeera or sombu(fennel seed)-1 teaspoon
Pottukadalai-1 table spoon or cashews-6
Red chili-3 to 4
To season
Those who dont want it spicy can season with a teaspoon of small jeera and big jeera.
cinamon-1 small piece
For parties you can make the dish spicy else season it simply.
Cut the brussel sprouts into 4 pieces. Mince onion and tomatoes.Grind the items given in to grind to a smooth paste adding water. Microwave the veg for 2 minutes in a microwavable vessel for 2 minutes. Now add little salt for the veg and again microwave for a minute. Those who dont use microwave can cook the veg in a kadai with water till the vegetable is three fourth cooked.
Keep the kadai in the stove. Add a table spoon of cooking oil.This curry tastes good with little extra oil.Season the curry. Add onions and saute for 2 to 3 minutes. Sprinkle some salt to the onions which will help the onions to get sauted fast. Now add the tomatoes.If you feel that the tomatoes you are using is not very ripe and tender grind it for a second in the mixie. Saute the tomatoes till they are really smashed. While sauting you can smash it with a laddle to help it get smashed fast. Once the onion and tomatoes are smashed like a gravy add the grinded masala into the kadai and cook in low fire stirring continously for 2 minutes. Add little turmeric powder and the salt neede for the masala also. Now add the cooked kalakkose along with the little water in the microwaved bowl. Cook in low fire till the masala gets coated in the veg. You can switch off in the consistency you like.Make sure that the veg gets enough time to get cooked in the masala.


Life is beautiful!!! said...

I never knew we get this in India too :) Yea it tastes like cabbage and cooks very fast...looks colourful :)

Divya Vikram said...

I never knew abt this either. Great to hear about an Indian version of brussel sprouts.

ramtam said...

Hello Aachi. I came to US in nov after getting married..am new to cooking. After trying out mom's recipes I found your blog. Actually my husband discovered it for making muttai kolambu. We have tried a lot of your recipes. Everything comes out great. Aspagarus and Brussel sprouts recipes - I m so eager to try. Gud to hear that u r here in US. I dint know Brussel sprouts were available in India too. I had it here in a Italian restaurant as an appetizer. Aachi, the drumsticks we get here aren't gud. I havent suceeded in making any of the drumstick recipes. The drumsticks dissolve if I pressure cook. Using microwave oven or stovetop boiling they don cook well. Basically they aren't very fleshy.

We love your recipes. Keep up the good work.

Solai Chidambaram said...

You are right Ramtam,I too dont find the drumsticks good in US.Better you substitute it with some other vegetable.The frozen drumstick too is not great.Nice to hear that my recipes help you cook better.

Cham said...

I usually saute them or roast with chilli powder! It cooks really fast and taste better when it is crisp! I never knew it was available in India and the name too! I will try ur version! I am quiet interested in ur kurma :)

dhivyaa said...

Thanks for posting this achi. I used to buy this veg and keep sambar it was not perfect. It had a light sweet taste. Am happy to cook as a perattal. Keep posting Achi..

Then one small info : The frozen drumstick can be microwaved in a bowl of water for 2 mins and then cooked.. It turned out soft.. I used to do this..

Umamaheswari said...

Hello Aachi, I've been trying your recipe's for a long time and each dish turns out good,I find your site very dependable. Thanks a lot for posting such wonderful authentic recipes. Lately, I tried the kola urandai, it was awesome. My hubby was mentioning about the kulambu version, would love to prepare it for him, if you could post the recipe.

keep posting your recipes.we love it :)

Arun Vaidyanathan said...

Hello achi ! I am a great fan of your recipes - started trying out a lot of dishes after coming across your site (which I have bookmarked and visit often) - you are doing an amazing job ... i eagerly look forward to your delicious recipes - now that you are in U.S., it is nice to see you post recipes using the veggies available here - thanks much !

Lakshmi said...

hi aunty
i am lakshmi...i am new to ur blog..my hubby accidentally found ur blog...he likes ur recipes very much...i am having 3month boy baby....so after delivery i started cooking slowly...he always insist me to see ur blog and cook..my first recipe was brussel sprouts..next my try would be asparagus...nice to see ur blog..congrats for ur grandkid..:)

Gaya said...

Such a great way to cook brussel sprouts, I've never tried them indian style and they taste lovely. Can you give us a great recipe for that awful tasting brocolli aachi? Ive tried different ways and nothing has worked, its packed with iron and my husband always says we have to eat more brocolli...but how?? I'm going to try the brocolli the same way too...

Anupriya said...

hello aunty,

i tried this recipe and it really came out well.Thnk u.Can u pls post the recipe for vellai paniyaram.

Solai Chidambaram said...

Anupriya,Thankyou for your comments.Vellai paniyaram recipe is already blogged.

menaga said...


Thanks for the recipe. It came out good. Atlast I have come to know how to cook brussel sprout. I tried so many times with different recipe.But it did n't workout good. Thank you


Tina Patrick said...

The receipe came out very tasty- thanks for sharing such wonderful receipes.... Now i am a hit among all my female friends... :-)

Raji said...

Hi Achi, I tried out this curry and it came out awesome. I had this with plain rice and drizzled gingelly oil. It was so divine. This is the first time I tried Brussel sprouts and I'm glad I used your recipe. Thanks for such a wonderful collection of Chettinad Recipes!

madhumathy said...

As always aachi the recipe came out really well. I also would like to know if tomoto can be substituted or omitted.

Solai Chidambaram said...

Madhu,Tomatoes will give more masala to the gravy in addition to the taste.If you want to avoid it,try it wont taste bad

madhumathy said...

Aunty i tried this with cauliflower today. Came out really well.

Skl said...

Hello aunty,
We tried this recipe,it turned out very delicious,went very well with curd rice,the blend of flavours in the vegitable tastes great,we used to have this steamed for salads earlier,this recipe came out very well,ESP combination with curd rice,thank you,skl

Subha said...

Hello aunty,
I live in Melbourne, Australia. I tried this recipe, but the veggie turned a bit bitter. What was the mistake?.. I followed ur recipe. The gravy is good, but the veg is a little bitter . Please tell me the reason aunty.
I want to try it again. Thanks.

thenmozhi karthikeyan said...

Heloo Achi I am not frequent visitor to u r site but while browsing for venthaya keerai recipe I found the Brussels recipe. I am impressed, I never knew or tried like this kind of gravy. I always try to make like cabbage vegetable.but the taste wasn't good. Definitely I am going to try this. Thank you very much. One more thing in India u can get almost everything. People are surprised about the availability of Brussels. May be people are thinking in 90s.
once again Thank u