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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Spicy Chettinad Mutton Biryani

The very thought of this recipe will tickle the taste buds of the non-veg lovers .If you are trying for a mutton biryani similar to the one you have in the ever mushrooming chettinad restaurants in the city, here is the recipe. If you follow the exact recipe you will get even better quality .
One thing to be realized while cooking by the new one’s is that only after repeated trials that we become perfect in making a dish. Even the simplest dish rasam is no exception to this. So never loose your heart. One day you people also will turn to be great cooks and win the hearts of your loved ones.
These days you people are lucky to get millions of recipes online and try out different versions. Think of our days. We had to rely on the personal collection of recipes which our mom used to give.
Once you become an expert in making this biryani, I suggest make it at home, give a grand dinner to all at home and get all the money you are going to spend in the restaurant

Ingredients for cooking the mutton
Mutton-300 gms
Chili powder-2 teaspoons
Turmeric powder-1 teaspoon
Crushed ginger-a small piece (Or ginger garlic paste-1 teaspoon)
Curry leaf-little
To Grind
Red chilli-2
Green chilli-2
Small onion-10
Fennel seeds-1 teaspoon
Cinnamon-2 small pieces
Ginger-2 small pieces
Mint leaf-handful
For sauting
Minced onion-2
Minced tomato-2
Mint leaf-handful
Fennel seeds-1 teaspoon
Cinnamon-2 small pieces
Bay leaf-small piece
Curry leaf-little

Jeeraga samba rice-1 ½ cups (300 gms).Wash the rice. Soak for 10 minutes. Drain the water. Keep the kadai in the stove. In a teaspoon of butter or ghee fry the rice in medium fire for 3 minutes i.e., till the rice does not catch the bottom of the kadai. Frying the rice is to make sure that the biryani doesn’t get over cooked.

First keep a small cooker in the stove.
In a teaspoon of oil add the crushed ginger kept for cooking mutton.
Saute for a minute. Add the mutton pieces and sauté for 2 to 3 minutes.
Now add the chili powder and turmeric powder. Mix well.
Add a pinch of salt. Pour 1 ½ cups of water. Close the cooker and cook for 8 minutes.
While cooking the mutton, grind the items given in to grind. Keep the rice ready (As given).
Mince the onion and the tomatoes.
Once the mutton is cooked, After the pressure gets released, open the cooker
Strain the mutton stalk (gravy in the mutton) and keep aside. This has to be used instead of water
Keep ready 2 table spoons of thick curd
Now we have to make the Biryani
Keep a big cooker in the stove. In 2 table spoons of oil season the byriani with the items given in to season.
Saute the onions till oil oozes. Add the grinded masala now and sauté for 2 minutes.
Now add the tomato pieces and sauté till they become soft.
Add the mutton pieces and mix well.
Now add 2 table spoons of yogurt and mix.
1:2 is the ratio of water to rice including yogurt
Measure the mutton stalk you have
For 1 ½ cups of rice you have to pour 3 cups of water including yogurt.
IF you have 2 cups of stalk the add 1 more cup of water
When this mixture boils, add the salt needed
Add the rice kept ready. Mix everything well.
Close the cooker. When pressure comes put the weight
Keep the stove in low medium fire.
Cook exactly for 10 minutes (Don’t wait for any whistle) .switch off the stove in the tenth minute
Open the cooker after the pressure goes
Mostly the first impression you will have is that there is excess water.
Don’t worry, after all the steam goes it will be perfect.
If you want the biryani little sticky then reduce water next time.But first time follow the recipe
Mix gently. Garnish with coriander leaves . You Biryani is ready.Have a go at it and leave a comment for me.


Illatharasi said...

Have to try out soon.... drooling over the picture;)

maxo said...

Thanks Aachi - Once again for giving us the authentic Chettinad Recipe - I have been asking you this for quite some time.

Awaiting Kola Urundai Kuzhambu recipe and Aiyrai Meen Kuzhambu Recipe from your end soon

Radhe said...

hai aunty,
Thanks 4 ur wonderful delicious chettinad recipe.I thought of asking u this recipe.Aunty lastweek i have tried ur tomatorasam,sathyaaunty's rasam,aapam,adai,spongyidlis,murunkkai karakozhambu,vendakaimorekozhambu,milagu kuzhambu,navarathna kurma,chettinadchicken,pepperchicken,kosamalli,idlipodi.Everything cameout very well.Thanks for ur mouthwatering recipes.Keep going....


Gaya said...

Hello Aachi,

I think I have to leave a comment!
I feel awful for I have never really commented so far on any of the dishes...

I have been reading your recipe blog for a long time now and have tried most of them. They are fail proof! All of them have worked for me, even today I made yam masiyal and it came out very well. I'm so tempted to try this biriyani, it looks delicious.

Thanks for all your recipes, I have your site in my favourites and always look it up before I make anything special. Please keep up with the good work.


Cham said...

Wow biryani sure to try soon... Biryani needs a lots of trials! Droolworthy!

Sujatha said...

wow, just the title is making me drool! I have to try this soon..

Meenu said...

hi aachi ,thank you so much for the recipe ..i am going to make this for this diwali .

ManjuRavi said...

Wow this remains me of my moms recipe she cooks in same way.Chettinatuke ulla manam great job.....

Saravanan said...

Dear Achi,

I wish you a very happy Deepavali!

Dhinam Dhinam Deepavali!! :)


sarita said...

Good Job!. I tried the chicken biryani recipe with mutton. I found, that the biryani is more greasy, with the coconut milk. Now, I will have to try this recipe.

Thank you,


Cham said...

Hi Auty,
Wish you a very Happy Deepavali :)

Saro said...

Dear aachi, thanks for the biriyani recipe. Will try it out soon. The pictures are really good. They help a lot in giving us the quantity.

I think there is one small correction. The line '1:2 is the ratio of water to rice including yogurt' should actually read as '1:2 is the ratio of rice to water including yogurt'. One line below you had given it correct ('For 1 ½ cups of rice you have to pour 3 cups of water including yogurt.').

If my above statement is incorrect, apologize for the same. You can delete my comment.

Sankara said...

Dear Madam, How are you? I have tried most of your recipes, even the 'Vellai Paniyaram' came very well in the first time itself. The way you have explained it makes anyone to cook without fear. I request to you offshoot 'Chettinad Masala'.

Cham said...

Hi aunty,
I just came to let you know. I saw 3 of ur recipes published in magazine in US. Well I immmediately recognize ur recipes. I got the printed issue just now in local grocery store for free. The page didn't mention ur name or ur blog... U can view online here:
Page 15.
The website is www.siddhiusa.com

Solai Chidambaram said...

Thankyou saro for finding it out.Good that you mentioned .I will correct it.It is cooking and if water is more the biryani will be spoiled.

Solai Chidambaram said...

Thankyou Cham for letting me know that many of my recipes get published without mentioning even my name.Educated and spiritual people are doing such silly things.All my blogs are copy right protected.

dhivyaa said...

yeah... i got it achi.. thankyou..

dhivyaa said...

yeah... i got it achi.. thankyou..

Ramakrishnan said...

Hi Aachi!,

I will definitely this one. Your chicken biryani turned out fantastic and am sure this one will too.

Just to check, when you mention "Red Chilli" does it mean dry chilli?

sujaa said...

hi acchi- am a regular follower of ur blog, though am writing to u for the first time now. first let me thank and congragulate u for the wonderful work. please clarify if i can use basmati rice in place of the jeeraga samba, if yes, can i follow the same water:rice ration for that also.

sujaa said...

hi acchi- am a regular follower of ur blog, though am writing to u for the first time now. first let me thank and congragulate u for the wonderful work. please clarify if i can use basmati rice in place of the jeeraga samba, if yes, can i follow the same water:rice ration for that also.

Solai Chidambaram said...

suja,You can very well use basmati Rice instead of jeeraga samba.Actually my younger daughter likes basmati rice more.For basmati use little water less.

sujaa said...

hi aachi!! i did this biriyani today and it turned out wonderful. i did it with basmati rice thanks for the tip abt the water quantity.

Thaveethin Kudaram Admin said...

Dear Solai Aunty

I tried Spicy Chettinad Mutton Biryani. Some part it tasted bit salty. That could be because of garlic which we grind. Maybe I did it wrongly - am not sure.

Overall it was very nice

Aunty, I would like to request for a recipe. I hv seen this in my country by those shops catered by Tamil Nadu owners, where by the Pavakkai is coating in flour, fried and is red in colour. very tasty. The best part is, it is not salty at all.

Will you be able to post this fantastic recipe?


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


sabary said...

Thanks Aachi for your wonderful chettinad recipe.I try your navaratna korma and mutton and chicken.It is really yummy and tasty.I am waiting for your fish recipes.merry christmas and wish you a happy newyear.

Linda said...

Dearest Solai,

I am enjoying your site so much, and always look forward to trying your recipes - they are flawless when followed to the letter! :) I would like to mention one small thing -- perhaps when you say 'stalk' here, you mean 'stock' -- the liquid from boiling meat?

I made this biryani yesterday and it was spectacular. You can see the pic and your link at my blog, if you like.

Wishing you all the best in the new year!

Ramakrishnan said...

Hi Aachi!

I have guests coming over this weekend and would very much love to make this biryani for them.

I have to triple the recipe, please help me out with these queries...
1. Do I triple every single item in the ingredients?
2. Do I triple the water to cook the mutton?
3. You have mentioned cooking time 8 mins for the mutton and 10 mins for the rice... Do I increase the cooking time as well?

Really appreciate your help.


Solai Chidambaram said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Solai Chidambaram said...

hema,you just double the grind and saute items.water you have to surely triple.Cooking time almost will be the same.You can cook the mutton alone 2 minutes more.

Ramakrishnan said...

Hi Achi!

I tried the Mutton Biryani as you had directed and it turned perfect. It was very delicious too! All my guests enjoyed it very much.

A couple of weeks ago, I had also tried out your Chukka Mutton and Veg Kurma recipes...and need I say more?...they were fantastic!

Thank you so much for these fabulous recipes and the effort you are putting in to simplify them for us. Looking forward to try more:-)

Ramakrishnan said...

Hi Achi!

I tried the Mutton Biryani as you had directed and it turned perfect. It was very delicious too! All my guests enjoyed it very much.

A couple of weeks ago, I had also tried out your Chukka Mutton and Veg Kurma recipes...and need I say more?...they were fantastic!

Thank you so much for these fabulous recipes and the effort you are putting in to simplify them for us. Looking forward to try more:-)

Rajiv said...

Dear mam,

Yesterday I tried your recipe chettinad mutton briyani .I really wondered (Pleasing to
The sense of taste) the taste was ultimate level very good as you always say Learning
Process continues the whole life time. Thanking you very much for support and
Service with gratitude

Thanking you once again,


Shabitha Karthikeyan said...

Hi Aunty,

Your chettinad recipes rock..I really like the way you have given correct measurements..When time permits please visit my blog http://myhomekitchenrecipes.blogspot.com/..Would love to have comments from experts like you ...

Raman said...

This is one of the best biryani I have ever made......Awesome it was..Thank u for sharing n keep going...

Sathish said...

i tried this dish...very good and tasty...thank you very much for the recipe

Spicy said...

Aachi, Its Aarthi Vijayakumar from Kolkata. Thanks for such a wonderful recipe. My husband enjoyed it and said it was authenic like the Briyani available in Dindigul Venu's / Pon Ram's.

Thanks a lot.

pooja said...

Hi Aunty,

Thanks for the wonderful recipe.

Now that, i have become ur fan. The biriyani came out so well and my family enjoyed it...

Will try out your other recipes too.

Thnks for your recipe..

KalaiyarasiPrabu said...

hi aachi,
i tried mutton briyani this sunday and i got fabulous comments from my husband and my neighbours ..thank you.. am also from chettinad..keep going with our mouthwatering chettinadu dishes...bye hv a nice day..

samurai said...

i tried this recipe and turned out to be great ..thanks for all the good recipes

kani said...

kudo's to you, my wife tried the mutton biryani and it was wonderful. It was so wonderful that i am leaving you a comment to say thank you. I have never tasted a mutton biryani like this and my 2.5yrs kido too had a nice lunch. Keep up the good work and people like us outside of India are the most benefitted out of this... even my wife is getting accredited that she is a superb cook in our community and friends circle because of your receipes...

Sangz said...

Aunty!! The biryani recipe is awesome!!! It came out fantastic. Reminded me of Nazreen aunty's biryani that I ate as a child. Thank you very much. I hope you won't mind if I add your recipe to my blog. Giving you credit ofcourse. :)

amutha said...

vanakam solai ma'm...i'm amutha karthik from coimatore.i always check your log for non-veg recipes.today i made your mutton biriyani recipe and it turned out awesome.Thank you so much for your wonderful chettinad recipes.

maxruleskies said...

would like to try this recipe for my daughter's birthday party for 50 People. How do I increase the ingredients but maintain the taste ofcourse.... I used your mutton sukka varuval last time for 50 people by increasing the ingredients myself. It came out good not perfect. Any tips will be appreciated.

Solai Chidambaram said...

you can increase the ingredients according to the proportion used in blog.when doing lots small changes will not alter the taste much.

arun said...

maxruleskies again:
I am going to do the cooking for 50 people this weekend.Any tips on how to do this without using pressure cooker?

Solai Chidambaram said...

arun,make sure mutton is cooked well before adding rice if you are not going to use cooker as the rice will get cooked in 10 to 15 minutes which will not be enough for the mutton.

Preethi said...

Thank you solai aunty.I made this biryani & it came out very well.My husband likes this so much, that i make it for him every sunday.

Rajesh Kumar Babu said...

Good recipe for a biriyani...tried first time and it came out well..you are helpful to bachelors like me to cook and taste their own salt...Rajesh

grey matter said...

I cooked spicy chettinad mutton biryani. Followed your recipe to the T and it came out perfect. Thanks for posting these recipes, and giving even the most minute details. At the end of the day, these details, howsoever minute, matter the most. Thanks again. Parthiv

Vaani Sridhar said...

Hi Solai Aachi,

I really started visiting your blog very frequently these days whenever I feel like cooking anything new and special(almost everything is new to me:))

I really thank you very much for posting this wonderful biriyani recipe. I tried your mutton biriyani and it came out really very well and got everyone's appreciation. I have tried many of your non veg recipe's and loved them a lot.

Your blog is really very useful for girls like me staying in other countries.Please post as many recipe's as you can.We will be eagerly looking forward for each of your posts.

Thank you a lot :)

Vaani Sridhar

Priya said...

I tried this today and it came out very well.Everyone at home loved it.

Thanks a lot !

Unknown said...

made this for the 3rd time, and every time it turns out perfect & extremely tasty.. thank you so much Aunty :-) Love your receipes..

Shiny Vinod said...

Hello Aunty,

I tried this today and absolutely loved it! I have a blog and would like to put it there with your permission. I will definitely mention you and leave a link for your recipe there.

Thank you!

Skl said...

Hello aunty,
We made this recipe and it was.......................Wow............so tasty,can't express in words,there is not even one grain of rice left,we finished it,it was so delicious...................this is the best I have made and coz of your blog,thank you very very very much,

பேரின்ப பேச்சுக்காரன் said...

Great Recipe Aachi...I had never tasted such delicious Briyani at home. Mikka Nandri for your all recipes...they are just great too.!

Karthik Vishal...K.V:-0 said...

hi aachi, we tried this recipe at home today... it was one hell of a biryani in chettinad style. loved it so much and i ate it till my stomach almost burst out... your recipe made our SUNDAY. Thanks.. :-)

Anne Helena Devasahayam said...

Hi Achi, am a new bride and a first time cook...my hubby can eat Biryani 3 times a day and 7 days a week... I tried your recipe and it turned out Yum!! he loved it and loves me a little more.... Thanks for Strenghtening our love :-)

Deepak Rajesh said...

Dear Aachi, I'm deepak rajesh from Chennai, working in Kuwait. wonderful recipe with photos. I'll post another comment after preparing the Biriyani.Here we are missing the Indian tradition food. your recipes will help us to keep the tradition alive. thanks. I need some of Fish curry recipes also...my son Sai is 2 yrs old, kindly tell me some healthy recipes for him too...if possible kindly mail me the recipes.

priya ashok said...

Hi aunty thanks for the wonderful recipes.as my hubby is a chettinad food fan i find your blog very useful.i have made kozhi rasam,mutton kozhumbu,prawn kozhumbu and chicken kozhumbu from your list till now and make it a point to try one each weekend!
Can u please give me ingredient quantities for 1/2 kg as it becomes easier to double when needed then.thank you once again.

Ann Sam said...

Hello Aachi,

I've been referring your blog many times. Tried this biriyani today. This is the perfect biriyani I've been longing for

Thank you so much. please post mutton kozha urundai recipe.


Ramya said...

Hello Aachi,
Thanks a lot for this wonderful blog.. I came to see this blog last week which helped me to cook mutton biryani and pepper chicken on my hubby's bday he enjoyed both the dishes very much and it was mouth watering too :) again thanks a lot..


Ulaga Rajendran said...

Biryani just tasted extremely YUMMY!! the best i hv ever made :) thanks for the recipe..

I have one question.. what if i have to make this biryani for 10 servings..? should i have to increase all the ingredients?

Solai Chidambaram said...

Yes ulaga increase the ingredients except the spices.that should be increased only little

RSM said...

Very genuine recipe. Followed it as it is and the biryani tasted very delicious. I would definitely recommend to my family and friends who are big time foodies like me :)
Thank you very much!!

Unknown said...

Hi Aunty,
I've been researching about Chettinad cuisine and stumbled upon your blog, since then I am hooked. I find Chettinad cooking is quite similar to my famliy cooking style (mine is a mix of kerala and TamilNadu). I tried this Mutton biryani and it came out delicious. I also cook the rice in the meat gravy which enhances the taste of the biryani greatly. Thanks for sharing all authentic Chettinad recipes with all the food lovers. Keep blogging and inspire others to cook!
Food Writer @ www.thasneen.com

Muthukrishnan Muthusubramanian said...


you are really expert in Chettinad samayal.We never cooked Mutton biriyani and tried your receipe which came out very well..Milagu kozhi varuval taste is very nice..thanks for all your receipes and look forward to cook all your receipes..

Suvitha said...

Hi Aunty,

Can you please let me know how many people will this recipe serve?

I will adjust my proportions accordingly.


Solai Chidambaram said...

Suvitha,it will serve 4 if this is the main course.If you are including this item for a party then it will serve 5 to 6

radhika thanikasalam said...

Hai aunty, just only l saw your blog. i searched for chettinad recipes finally I find your blog. in this blog the way of explaining is very simple&clear. I am fan ofchettinad sweet recipes & non-veg.so i find non-veg recipes of chettinad. I am waiting for chettinad sweet recipes in your blog.

Ammoo said...

Vanakkam Aachi, Whenever I looked for recipes, I always tried the recipes from those blogs which had big, colorful pictures of the dish, I have to be honest,I have always skipped your blog, because it did not have the attraction as others did.

Now I know what a huge mistake that was, because, my family and I were never satisfied with any of the dishes I made reading the recipe from the internet. I almost gave up and went for my usual curries.

One day I had to make mutton biryani, I thought I will give it a try using your recipe, was never confident though. And when I finished it turned to be the perfect biriyani I have ever made or eaten so far in my life.

Now I follow only your recipes and have never faltered, its great, I feel you are MS Subbulaksmi amma in chettinad samayal, Thanks a million, keep up the great work.

By the way, this is my first comment on any of the blogs.


Solai Chidambaram said...

Thankyou so much.Comments like this keep me going.You have made my day.

Rani Valliappan said...

Achi vanakkam. We are living in Pune, my age is 38, we miss my native Karaikudi. I fully lost the opportunity to learn cooking from our family elders.
But everytime I get benefit out of your recipes to celebrate ourselves in cooking. Yes, all the credit goes to you. I m really proud of you,your service is uncommentable, 1000s of people are getting benefit of your service..thank you so much .
The chettinad food is always rocking..