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Friday, August 28, 2009

Murungakkai Kara Kuzhambu (Drum Stick Hot and Sour gravy )

Many a times we get bored of the regular sambar and want something else for a change. Any thing prepared out of drum stick will tickle the taste buds of vegetarians. This dish is a good substitute for the regular sambar.Children generally dislike sambar.So if you pack lunch with this kara kuzhambu,it will be a welcome change for them. Another advantage of this gravy is that packed rice will not turn thick and hard like sambar rice by noon. Today afternoon my husband was telling me during lunch that kuzhambu tastes different and good. He couldn’t make out that it is not sambar.My daughter also was telling after coming from school ‘lunch was too good today amma’.So you people have a try at this recipe
Though the name is Kara kuzhambu, don’t add too much karam (chili powder) or puli (tamarind).Now a days we add tomatoes, so very little tamarind is enough.Cocunut also should be used less. If you add little soaked and cooked Mochai to this gravy while cooking, it will be excellent.Thatta payaru also can be added.Brinjal can be substituted for drum stick. As I didn’t plan the previous day, I didn’t have mochai or thattai payaru ready
Drum stick-15 pieces
Small onion-15
Garlic-10 pods
Curry leaf-little
Turmeric powder-1 teaspoon
Tamarind-Very small piece (little less than the qty used for sambar)
To grind
Coconut grated-2 table spoons
Sambar powder-2 teaspoons
Coriander powder-1 table spoon
Fennel seed-1 teaspoon
Cut the drum stick into pieces as shown in the snap. Mince the onion, garlic and tomato. Place the kadai in the stove. In a table spoon of oil season the gravy with a teaspoon of mustard, urudh dhal, and fennel seed and curry leaf. Saut√© the onion, garlic and tomato pieces one by one. Add the drum stick pieces. Cook the drum stick in a cup of water in medium fire for 6 to 7 minutes. Mean time grind the items in ‘to grind’ Soak the tamarind and salt needed in two cups of water and add once the drum stick pieces are almost cooked. if you add tamarind and salt in the beginning, the vegetable will not get cooked fast. Allow the gravy to cook for 5 more minutes and then add the grinded masala mixed in half cup of water to the gravy. Mix every thing well and allow the gravy to cook for further 5 minutes or till the gravy turns to the consistency of sambar.


Vijitha Shyam said...

I love karakozhumbu and urs looks gr8. I made kathirikai kadalai karakozhambhu few days back. :-)

sarita said...

I tried out this recipe, and it did come out well. I served it with the idiyappam recipe under breakfast recipes. When I am running out of ideas, the first stop is your blog.
Keep up the good work!.


sarita said...

I tried out this recipe, and it did come out well. I served it with the idiyappam recipe under breakfast recipes. When I am running out of ideas, the first stop is your blog.
Keep up the good work!.


Chitra said...

First time here.I luv to try chettinad dishes.will follow ur blog..Very nice blog u have :) this kara kuzhambu paarkave superaa irukku.Do visit my blog at ur free time :)

Selvi said...

thank you very much for the recipe aunty... yesterday I tried... it came out very well... thanks once again... it's really a very nice work for others... I kindly request you to continue this work... so that I can learn a lot... :-)

Suvaiyaana Suvai said...

nice kara kuzhambu i'll try

Sam said...

Hi Achi,

I would like to have the recipe for Vatha Kuzhambu... Can u mail it to me at samram.20@gmail.com & also post it in ur web?? Thanx & regards..

Vidya said...

We love this kuzhambu. I would like it make it more often but Drumstick is a rarity at our neck of woods.
Can I substitute drumstick with some other vegetable? Do you have any suggestions?

umayal achi said...

I love your recipes & rasampower is very nice.I your sweet dishes kavniarsi, iam interest in preparing for my children, but not able to get kavniarsi. As you mentioned by mistake i bought keralarice. pls guide me to buy rice.I am eager to see next recipe of chettinad. THANKYOU,

Daniel said...

I love Chettinadu samial...I tried Kara Huzhambu today all i have to say wow..I add chilli powder..that was great...good job....I love to try all the reipes........:-)

Arun Prabhu A said...

Hi aachi,

I tried your murungakkai kara kuzhambu, moor kulambu, veg kurma, chicken cutlet, pakkoda kuzhambu, everything is so authentic in style and taste. I changed the chettinad mutton briyani to chicken briyani (since we don't get fresh mutton for cheap) its really delicous ... no words to explain ...hats off aachi..


Arun Prabhu A said...

hi aachi,

i tried kara kuzhambu, mooru kuzhambu, pakkoda kulambhu, veg kurma, chicken cutlet, bisebellabath all the receipe are so delicious . i changed the chettinad mutton briyano to chicken (since we don't get fresh mutton for cheap )its really ttaste good no words to explain.. hats off aachi..

swathi said...


I tried your karakulambu. I substituted drumstick by karamani. It was so delicious.

Thank you so much.

Rathi said...

hello Aachi

Your blog is simply awesome, and the taste is divine :)...I have been to your blog on and off trying out a lot of your non-veg curries and they all turned out soooo good, I am going to try this kulambu for lunch today and am sure it is gonna turn out awesome as always....love your blog!!! keep it coming :) <3

Rathi said...

ok I am back again to update my review about this curry - it was very simple, but tasted soo good and light...the aroma from the curry was making us eat more...haha! I am glad I tried out a veg-curry too :D..ty!!! I made vazhakai poriyal and applam for the side :)

anon said...

aachi vanakam i did ur karakuzhambhu today with brinjal. came out very well. thanks a lot aachi

Kripa Vijay said...

Amma I made ur drumstick kuzhambu today for lunch and it was too tasty... Thanks alot for the recipe:)
Kripa vijay

Skl said...

Hello aunty,
We tried this recipe,it was awesome,added mochai,the drumstick flavour into the gravy was very tasty,even the consistency came out perfect with the ingredients given,I have tried earlier many times,I used to add lot of coconut,it wouldn't be nice,your proportions are all perfect,it makes lot of difference in terms of taste,thank you,