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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Vazhai Thandu Koottu (Banana stem curry)

As I have mentioned earlier, koottu is an indispensable item in chettinad lunch. Koottu of almost all the vegetables is made. The tastiest among them as far as I am concerned is this vazhaithandu koottu.I hope that all will have some knowledge of the immense medicinal value of this stem.
Due to the high fiber content, It is a well-known remedy for urinary disorders. It improves the functional efficiency of kidney. It clears the toxins in the body and helps to eliminate them in the form of urine. It has been found to be of great help in the treatment for the removal of stones in the kidney, gall bladder, and prostate.
I can understand what is going on in everybody’s mind now. Well, how to cut this? True, cutting and taking the fiber out of this stem is little difficult.If available in the market where you live ,then cutting can be of no excuse for not cooking this. One has to get trained by practice, in cutting the thandu since the regular intake of vazhaithandu is very good for all in the family. Now a days the problem of kidney stones, urinary disorders are on the rise and if we can do something for this from our kitchen it will be great.
Cutting the Thandu
Remove the thick outer portion of the stem and get smooth stem.Make thin round slices, while making each slice slightly rotate your finger from the centre of the slice. If your finger gets hold of a fiber, the rest of the fiber will get wound to your finger (2 seconds for each slice).Put these in a vessel of water mixed with a spoon of curd or butter milk (butter milk will help the thandu to retain its white color).Once all the slices are made, chop them into small pieces, keeping together 5 or 6 slices together. If you hold a small stick like thing inside the vessel having the cut pieces and rotate slowly, the remaining fiber will get wound in that stick

Broken green gram (pasiparuppu)-1 handful (1/4 cup)
Green chili-4
Chopped small onion-10
Curry leaf-little
Small jeera-1 teaspoon
Coconut milk-2 tablespoon
Cook the dhal in a big kadai. Once the dhal is well cooked, add the cut vazhai thandu pieces, chili and onion. Add a cup of water. Close the kadai and cook for 10 minutes in slow fire. Open the lid and add little salt (remember that this thandu can’t hold too much salt).Bring to a boil and switch off the stove. Add the coconut milk. Season the koottu with little small jeera and curry leaf in a teaspoon of ghee in a separate kadai and add to the koottu.If you want to store the koottu for the next day, coconut milk can be avoided.


Illatharasi said...

Wow, looks yummy..... its been a while I had it ;) you reminded it now :)

notyet100 said...


Cham said...

Yes, mom makes the same way :) unfortunately, it is hard to find the stem in US. My husb has the kidn stone, so whenever i found it, i make juice or raita for him...

Divya Vikram said...

Nice recipe..Thanks for this authentic recipe..

Sujatha said...

I used to love this dish as a child.. too bad we don't get it here in US. Nice recipe... :)

SAI said...

That's a great dish that everyone loves at home, Thanks achi for your great work, keep adding and we keep enjoying making the same.