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Friday, June 6, 2008

Urulaikkizhangu Varuval (Potato fry)

There won’t be anybody who will not love the taste of potatoes and especially the fry. But now a days many are conscious of its high calories and try to reduce its intake. For sure it will tempt the taste buds of all. Cooking potatoes is also easy and fast. As I was mentioning in my previous blog about Rasam and potato fry, I thought if I give the recipe of potato fry also it will be useful for many. This also is a very simple recipe and will take just 5 to 10 minutes to cook.

Potatoes-4 medium sized
Sambar powder (kuzhambu milagai thool)-1 table spoon
Garlic -5 pods smashed with the skin on.
Cut the potatoes into small square pieces as in the snap. Add the chili powder and salt needed .Mix well and keep aside for 5 to 10 minutes if you are not in a hurry ,else you can start cooking immediately. Pour 2 table spoon of oil in the kadai. Season the curry with a teaspoon of mustard seed, a teaspoon of fennel seed and little curry leaf. Once the mustard seed splitters add the potatoes, mix well and in medium flame cook till the potatoes are cooked. Once the potatoes are cooked add the smashed garlic, increase the flame and keep on stirring. This will help the potatoes to get roasted. The oil you used will be separated now. Switch off the stove. While transferring the fry to the serving bowl discard the oil. More than half the oil you used will be left behind.


Asha said...

Great to eat this with yogurt rice,huh? :)

Cham said...

Never tried with Sambar powder ... my son favo potato fry & rasam rice :) Yummy

Minti said...

Delicious. I have been trying to make potato fry for years - this was the first time it was so good. Shows how easy and yet difficult a simple dish can be for a newbie.

Jane said...

Want to try this immediatly as I never cooked crispy potatoes.

Nurtigal said...

Solai aachi,

I tried the potato roast today and it turned out fantastic. It is an example for a perfectly simple recipe that has its basis in good technique. i have made potato roast several times in the past, but the potatoes always stick together making it nasty. However, your little technique of adding salt and chili powder and setting it aside removed all the water and made it fantastic. I had no trouble getting the perfect potatoes. I made it with your tomato rasam and kootu curry and had an amazing dinner with my family. Everyone ate all the potatoes and wanted some more!

The coconut milk to the chow chow kootu made it creamy and tasty.

Please keep posting and welcome back after your trip to visit your grandson.


Madhu Pravin said...

Thanks a lot, Ma'am. As am an amateur to cooking, I was wonderin how am going to impress my husband n everybody at my in-law's place. Ur blogs have taken out d fear I've been holding. The potato fry turned out so well that my husband n brother wanted more. I, misunderstood sambhar chilly powder to chilly powder n marinated using chilly powder. By d time I read d recipe again, it was too late. Somehow managed to take d spice flavour by adding oil to it. To my surprise, they liked it. Thanks for d recipe.

Unknown said...

Fry came out well !!! Thanks aachi

Priya Purush said...

Can I use baby potatoes for this recipe, have got baby potatoes and don't know what to do with it, can you please suggest

Skl said...

Hello aunty,
We tried this recipe,turned out great,went well with tomato rasam,the potato pieces were all separate,didn't get mashed,excellent procedures used to get the maximum flavor of the vegetables,masala also blended on all the pieces very well,it looked good too,this dish goes very well with all variety rice too,thank you,skl

ananda said...

Thanks Madam.I am in Canada and a keen follower of your coloumn.Living alone in Vancouver, I have enjoyed many hours with my friends in making food with your receipes.

Millions of thanks