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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Murungaikkai Thanneer Kuzhambu (Drum stick watery sambar)

As the name indicates this kuzhambu will be watery but with the full taste of a good sambar. In consistency it will be in the midst of sambar and rasam.This kuzhambu is very famous in chettinad. I used to wonder why it is so. In olden days chettiar men used to be overseas in pursuit of wealth. Only the ladies used to be at home and they used to spend the money given to them strictly in such a way that it lasts till the chettiar comes home the next time. This made them conscious of money matters.Because of this the chettiar ladies even if not educated became very good at accounts. They gave money for interest to the less privileged people in that village. They were able to calculate the interest exactly and were very just in everything. These things made them very calculative also. I know what is running in everybody’s mind now. Why is achi telling all these now? I also from my childhood used to think why the achi’s are very stringent while the chettiars are lavish and was trying to find out the reason. The reason was the ladies wanted to spend only a less portion of the money they had and save more for the number of children they had those days(especially for the girls,getting the girls married is a big affair in chettinad from those days). Coming back to the thanni kuzhambu, this became famous because only half the amount of Thoor dhal used for sambar is used for this kuzhambu and the achi’s specialized in bringing the exact taste with less dhal. So when the chettiar is away sambar will rarely find its way in the menu however rich the family may be. Moreover it will be very mild for the stomach. After a non veg day, this will be good for health. All chettiar people are addicted to this taste that even now in chettinad during all functions thanni kuzhambu will be served before sambar. Beans is the most commonly used vegetable for this kuzhambu. Now those days has gone and many don’t know the difference between a thanni kuzhambu and sambar.I also belong to this category. Once after tasting this kuzhambu wanted to find out the difference and tried. The main difference that I noted is
1. Less usage of thoor dhal.
2. Very little oil used
3. Seasoning first itself
4. Sauting the kuzhambu milagai thool and turmeric powder in the oil after seasoning

Thoordhal-a handful (100 Gms)
Beans-10 to 15 or 2 Drum sticks
Small onion-10
Garlic-6 pods
Coriander leaves-little
Curry leaves-little
Kuzhambu milagai thool-2 teaspoons
Tamarind paste-1 teaspoons (qty used for sambar)
For seasoning
Mustard seed-1 teaspoon
Fennel seed-1/2 teaspoon
Fenugreek seed-1/2 teaspoon
Small jeera- 1 teaspoon

Cook the dhal with extra water nicely in the cooker and keep aside. Keep the kadai in the stove. In 1 teaspoon oil season the kuzhambu with the items given in ‘to season’. Once the mustard seed cracks add the onion, garlic and tomato pieces nicely. Smash the tomatoes nicely with the ladle in such a way that there is little water content in the mixture. Now add the kuzhambu milagai thool and turmeric powder and saute nicely. If there is no water content before adding the powder it will get burnt. So be careful. Now add the vegetable used and saut√© that also nicely. Add the water that is there on top of the cooked dhal and keep the stove to medium. Soak the tamarind and the salt needed also. When the vegetable is almost cooked add the tamarind water and the dhal mixed in a cup of water also. Make sure that the salt and hot taste is perfect. Let the kuzhambu boil for 5 to 7 minutes. Before switching off the stove add the chopped coriander also. Even for a 10 month baby this can be given mixed with rice or idly.
I rarely make this because I think that the only way I can give more protiens to my daughter is through the hot sambar rice with sambar made with a good quantity of dhal, I send to school through the carrier lady.But today immediately after entering the house from school she told me'Amma the sambar rice you sent today was awesome'.


Cham said...

So the kuzhambu should be thinner, i am not a big fan of sambar , but my husb loves it :) This thin version should be lighter and good tasting , bookmarked :)

Illatharasi said...

Wow, I love drumstick sambhar, your looks yummy yummy ;)

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Suhanya said...

Hey ..
u have a very nice blog..
I'm behind chettinaad style foods..be it cooking or eating..
I will learn a lot of recipes from u'r blog!

keep going..

Btw..m adding u to my food blog roll!

Suhanya said...

Hey..i cdn't log in my wordpress open url..

here it is


Revathi said...

Is this similar to paruppu kozhambu aachi ? Very nice narration regarding aachis. Btw did I tell you I got the book ? Should write a review about it after trying out a few recipes.

solai said...

i have'nt heard about paruppu kuzhambu Revathi.I somehow is not able to pick any recipe of interest from the book.I too take the book once in a week and turn all the pages and wont decide on anything.you have a try.I also want to try something different from that

Gracyvivek said...

hi aunty
how r u?this is gracy.i tried kauni arisi and it came well.
i want to know how to prepare PAAL KOLUKATTAI and PAAL PANIARAM..please reply me before X-mas and new year.

Fishy said...

Hi, I have been looking at new your blog, after teh carrot poriyal, today i tried this kozhambu. It is quite good and easy.

Can you please post the recipe for Sennai kizhangu, Yam curry. I lived in karaikudi during college days and have had this at hostel. It used to be good.

WhyteHousieBala said...

Hi Aunty,

Thank u so much for the recipe. Amma use to make Beans ilan Kulambu when I was at home. I made with drumstick. It tasted awesome. I had it along with Perattal(that too one of ur recipes).. I now feel like being @ home(town).. I boiled extra dal. so made Tadka dal out of d remaining..


Sweety said...

Hi Aachi..

I tried almost most of ur receipe from last 2 weeks.Ur Mutton and Chicken kolumbu,murungakai gravy,grinded the rasam powder,Kolumbu milagai thool ..meen kolumbu and fry...everything turned out AUNTHENTIC.Thank you so much for the receipe with exact measurement.Your meen fry is the best that we ever eat.We are kannadiga's my husband from Manglore.He asked me to Thank you very much for posting this wonderful receipe's.Aachi can u please give me the receipe for Maida biscult.My mom does great ones but fails to give me the right proportions.

muthu said...

Useful , Thankyou

Priya Purush said...

Good Day Mam, Today i tried your thaneer sambar and it came out very well. Tomorrow is the day for Vendaikai Mandi and will let you know how it turned out. This is my first comment to you and the first dish i tried from you blog.

Skl said...

Hello aunty,
We tried this recipe,came out very delicious,it's a totally different taste,never had before,dal and drumstick in kuzhambhu is giving a nice flavour,must sincerely appreciate the chettinad ladies for trying out so many different varieties,must have been a lot of trial and error before they actually got the delicious flavour,it's hard work,
Thank you,skl