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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Keerai Masiyal (Arai keerai, Mulai keerai, Sirukeerai, Manathakkali keerai, Ponnanganni keerai) Amarnath leaf curry

All on earth know the value of eating greens and want to consume it in some form or the other. It is rather difficult to give the greens to young children. So here is the chettinad special Keerai masiyal recipe which can be given easily even to a 10 month kid. The recipe can be followed for any of the above mentioned keerai
Mulai keerai or Arai keerai or sirukeerai-3 cups
Small onion-15 or big onion-1
Red chillie-2
Small jeera (cumin seeds)-1 teaspoon
Garlic-3 pods
Pasiparuppu(broken green gram)-1/4 cup (a hand full)
Cook the dhal in a kadai in the stove. It is not advisable to pressure cook this dhal as it will become very sticky if cooked like that. Once the dhal gets cooked nicely, add the minced keerai, onion and red chilies splitted. See to it that there is at least a cup of water in the kadai for the keerai to get cooked. The keerai also will leave some water. Let it get cooked for 10 minutes in medium flame. Now add the required salt and cook for 2 more minutes. The whole thing should be in a semisolid form. Before switching off rub the small jeera in your palms and add it to the curry. Smash the garlic pods without peeling its skin and add that also in to the masiyal and switch off the stove. Instead of paruppu sadam, this masiyal can be made little watery and can be mixed with rice and given to small kids for a change. Too much of dhal will spoil the real taste of the green.


Ramki said...

Hi Solai,
I'm blogging your Masiyal as a model recipe in the one page cookbook 1001 Chettinadu Vegetarian curries at http://ramkicooks.blogspot.com/

/Thanks for the recipe

GS said...


GS said...

Iam from Karaikudi. Iam not much interested in looking for recipes online and trying them out. I have written down the recipes for most of my dishes as my mom cookes. There is nothing equivalent to older people's cooking right? But your recipes are so authentic. For keerai masiyal, i have been doing it exactly the same way as you have given. But my in-laws(from chennai) find it weird to put paasiparuppu in masiyal. Iam glad atleast someone else is doing it.

aruna said...

Hi Achi,

Please post the receipes by Tamil

Srimini said...

hi Aachi,

i tried your keerai masiyal today with slight variation , it came out very good, i just fried the pasi paruppu,then cooked as you said and i added little tomatoes, it tasted good. I used palak keerai as i get only that.

BDSN said...

Hello Mam,
Iam a vegetarian but I love to read all the vegetarian recipes.My husband loves all the non veg recipes.
Please stop by my blog if you have a chance.

Meenakshi Sundaram said...

Hi Aachi, Thanks for the recipe. I tried it today and it came out really well (exactly like the way my mom and wife would make it). Thanks again for all your recipes.

momsnetwork said...

This is an incredible dish, I make this dish at least once a week at home..Really Yuummmmyyyyyy
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singersuchi said...

this is a brilliant recipe! thank you so much for sharing - am sure your heart is as warm as your kitchen :)

DS said...


Am Deepa (also from Chettinad). Have tried this recipe with all three different types of greens and everything came out very well.



Skl said...

hello aunty,
we found arai keerai, made this recipe with it,came out very well,
some ghee added tastes very delicious,thank you,skl

Sulo sundar said...

delicious ..