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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Prawn curry( Eral Masala)

From the time I started writing food blogs,all my friends wanted me to post the non-veg items for which chettinad is famous for.But I find hundreds of recipes for chettinad chicken and other such items in the net written by many of my fellow food bloggers.Though many of them don't seem to be truly authentic,they seem to come near to that in taste.since my community is very famous for cooking the non veg items,I have also mastered some which I will share with my readers.

As I have prawns at home after a long time,I will start with Prawn Masala.It is a very easy and tasty dish which can prepared with ease by even people new to kitchen since not much preparatory work is involved.The only criteria is that you should have a stock of cleaned prawns at home.

Small onions-20
garlic-8 pods
chili powder-1 to 2 table spoons
ginger garlic paste-1/2 teaspoon
prawns-300 gms(cleaned)

To season
oil-2 table spoon
cinamon-a small piece
curry leaf-little


Clean the prawns nicely.Take out the black thing inside the prawn as it will cause stomach problem.
Cut them into 2 or 3 pieces if your prawn is pretty big in size.
Cut the onions garlic and tomato also into small pieces
Marinate the prawns with chili powder ,salt,turmeric powder,ginger garlic paste and lemon juice for an hour
Keep the kadai in the stove.Season with the items given in'to season'
Add the onions,garlic and tomatoes one by one and little chili powder and salt also and saute nicely till it looks like a paste.Now add the marinated prawns also and saute.You will find water comming out from prawns.Now close the kadai with a lid and allow the prawns to cook in low fire till the water dries out.At the most it will take only 10 minutes.Over cooking will make the prawns tough.While serving garnish with coriander leaves.This will taste excellent with curd rice,chappathi.paratha etc.


ravi said...

dear solai,you do a wonderful service as it is said "service
to the people is service to god"(makkal sevaye mahesan sevai),i will be happy to see the "kanavai "(squid or cuttle fish) receipe in your blog soon

aravindh said...
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niru said...

i tried diz receipe with chicken...
it came out 22222 gud. thank u vry much. everyone liked it

niru said...

now a days if some dishes come awesome,my hubby started asking whether diz receipe z 4m solai's kitchen

priscilla said...

the recipe was quite simple n tasted fabulous! though i couldn't cook to the rite consistency as shown in ur picture :(
but i will not give up :)
also, ur suggestions like how to buy egg plant s more helpful. if possible continue providing such suggestions for everything, including meat!
in a nut shell, its a blessing to all of us!

ramya said...

Hi solai akka,

I prepared prawn curry after seeing your method... its really superb!!! and my husband presented me a platinum ring after eating that recipe!!! thanks a lot akka!!! urs is very usefull blog for me...

Solai Chidambaram said...

Thankyou for the compliments Ramya.What more does I need by writing blogs than the happiness that many are able to cook good food at home.

Devi said...


Another tasty recipe from you! Thanks again :)

Sudha said...

Solai Achi, ur recipes are very very good. I am crazy about chettinad dishes but I knew only few items to make. Now I book marked this site as I have started cooking with a passion. I woulld be happy if u post some recipes for snacks.. I have a difficulst time making my kid eat!..Thankyou thankyou

Sudha said...

Hello solai akka, ur recipes are simply superb. I am very crazy about chettinad dishes. Now I know how to make lot of items with an authentic taste. The only complaint I have received from my hubby is that he is eating too much and he is spending lot of time in the treadmill!... Please post some snack recipes for this kids if you have some..

Sethuraman said...

Solai Aachi,
Thanks for this wonderful recipe, It came out very well and all my frnds gave me a title too...

Anonymous said...

Solai Achi,
The prawn curry was simply amazing, I couldnt believe i cooked something this delicious being an amateur at cooking :) You're recipes are very simple and easy to understand. Finally feels like eating amma's food again :) Thanks to you

jayanthi said...

Thanks Achi.My son has become a very big fan of this prawn curry.

jennyprem said...

thank you for your recipes, they look amazing and i have tries the fish curry it was good, keep it up Ms. Solai

bigams said...

Solai Can you post a recipe for goose berry rice

cv said...

dear solai,
i am am architect that stayed with you a year ago or more! i have been doing your chettinad chiken a few times as i miss it so much. so good. is there a good gravy for fish dish you can suggest.
also, i would love to do a whole meal for my friends in sydney.
could you pls suggest to me what courses would go best together?

presilla said...

Hi aachi,
can you put some more prawns dishes? Is it enough if we remove the black thing inside prawns or anything else to clean ? we dont do prawns @ home, So im excited to try this, Also i dont know how to clean ,so need to try this once.

Solai Chidambaram said...

sherly,I think you live in India.Can you get peeled prawns .If so make a small cut below the prawn and pull out the black thing,else it will cause stomach pain.if you dont get peeled prawns,first pull out the head and tail and then peel off the skin from the prawns.If the prawns are big cut into two before cooking.

ramya said...

hai solai i never use to comment any bolgs but this i should do becoz almost all the recipes i tried all are awesome and thanks to share ur recipes to all over the world really it is a good thing wat ur doing once again thank uuuuuuuuuuuuu

Chennaitian said...

Nice recipe. Just tried now. Turned out awesome. Thanks for the recipe.

Abhi said...

Hi Solai Achi,

I read your blogs today and did the prawn curry.It came out very nicely. Amma,Ayya samayala patha mathri irunthuchu.I had very nicely today.Thanks a lot for your receipes.Achi entha uru?


Shilpa said...

Dear Solai Amma,

You make cooking so simple and so tasty. I remember my grandmother's cooking( now she doesn't cook anymore as she's quite old). My husband remembers his ammamma (who is no more). Two good cooks but recipes not written and stored. Thank you so much to help me make the authentic dishes... they taste really so yummy... I can feel the love for the ones that you cook.(Lucky them to eat your food and learn under your guidance.

Kala Aravind said...

Hi Solai achi, i luv Chettinad varieties and loved the prawns currry toooooooo good.Request u to post for few more receipes.I have tried chettinad muttai curry and its very very tasty and everyone in my family loved it.

Skl said...

Hello aunty,
We tried this recipe,turned out awesome,fast and easy to make provided the prawns are cleaned,was very delicious,went very well with dal and rice,the prawn flavour in the curry after few hours was very very tasty,the prawns were big sized we cut it into two,came out well,
Thank you,skl

Jeyapandianea said...

Dear Achi,

I have cooked so many dishes from your blog. All are excellent. Hat's offffff to you.

Today I was searching for Mutton Paya(Aatukal Paya). I could not find the recipe. Hope to see it in your blog soon.

I am based in Dubai, my family is in Chennai. I cook my food with recipe from my wife and your blog.

Thanks for your mouth watering recipes.


Ivy Shetty said...

Hats off to you Madam!!!!!!! Your crab recipe too good. we all enjoyed. Thank you soooo much. We need you to post more chettinad

Anonymous said...

This is Anand from Bangalore.the dish came out awesome.j
Thanks so much.please post some chetttinad mutton roast recipes pls