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Friday, November 9, 2007

Vengaya Kosu

A very spicy side dish,true to the spirit of chettinad culinary delicacies. When we are monotonous of the safe and casual side dish that we prepare, one can go for this.Very tasty with dosa,idly and chappathi. As the young one’s attempting these recipes are often doubtful of the measures, I am attaching the snaps of the ingredients also now. Experienced people will some times feel boring at the small small details that I mention. It is meant mainly for the newcomers to the kitchen

Big onion-4
Red chillies-6
Coconut grated-4 table spoons
Cashew nut-6 or pottukadalai-2 table spoons
Pattai-2 bits
Fennel seeds (perungeerakam)-1 teaspoon

First grind the coconut, fennel seeds, and red chilies to a fine paste.
Cut the onions, potato and tomato into small pieces.
Keep the small cooker or the kadai in the stove.
Pour 2 table spoon oil. Season with pattai kirambu, fennel seeds and curry leaf .
Add the onions first, stir for some time and then the potatoes and finally the tomatoes.
Allow them all to cook in the oil itself for 2 or 3 minutes.
Now add the grinded coconut also and mix well(If you are cooking in the kadai, don’t add the coconut first. Let the potatoes in the gravy cook)
Add 3 to 4 cups water and the salt required.
If you are cooking in the cooker cook for 5 minutes after the first whistle.
Those cooking in the kadai add the grinded coconut after all the items in the gravy is finely cooked and cook for another 5 minutes( while cooking in kadai if you add coconut in the beginning in any dish, the vegetables will not get cooked easily).
Finally garnish with coriander leaves and curry leaves


Divya Palani said...

I tried it today. it was awesome!

Divya Palani said...
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solai said...

Thank you my girl

sanju said...

hi, could u please use english names for the spices so we all can understand? Thank you

Aruna said...

I made this gravy sterday, wud u believe I had to make it today again, my husband just fell in love with it, says he has been taken to chennai from uk thru this kurma :)

lazaritta said...

i am a new viewer of your blog.
first thing i tried is Garlic pickle which is my very favourite side dish.
wont believe it turned up very well...pls let me know how to preserve this for long time...from now on im going to try all recipes....tks

lazaritta said...

i am a new viewer of your blog.
first thing i tried is Garlic pickle which is my very favourite side dish.
wont believe it turned up very well...pls let me know how to preserve this for long time...from now on im going to try all recipes....tks

Muthu said...

I tried it today... It was awesome......

Nithya said...

Aunty,I tried this recepie yesterday for dinner.It was a tantalizer for tastebuds.My husband loved it so much.We enjoyed eating this venkaya koss with hot crispy dosa.thanks for this recepie.looking forward for more authentic recepies.


Rukmani said...

hai this is rukmani kumar from chennai.

i already know the dish but i try with cashew it was awesome achi.

but onion should cut as julion cut.(neele vaakkula narrukkanum) that will be more tasty.

dotnetguru said...

this one turned awesome...took [aratha's with this gravy and felt real satisfied...thanks for such a nice receipe....

S.Menaga said...

மேடம்,இந்த வெங்காய கோசு குறிப்பினை செய்தேன்...மிக அருமையாக இருந்த‌து.பகிர்வுக்கு மிக்க நன்றி!!

Sashi said...


In the ingredients of Vengaya Kosu, cashew or pottukaladalai is mentioned, but this is not mentioned anywhere in the method of doing. what should we do with that please? should we grind it with coconut?
please clarify.

Solai Chidambaram said...

Sorry Sashi,The cashews has to be grinded along with cocunut.

Sashi said...

Thank u so much mam for clarifying about cashew. Anyway I tried it without cashew, and it turned out so well. Next time, will grind cashew and add. Thanks again.

Madhu Pravin said...

Prepared dis yesterday Aachi... It was yumm... I was worried I could ever get close to my mom's preparation! To my surprise it indeed was exactly d same as my mom's! Thanks a lot for ur contribution towards authentic chettinad food! Everybody loved at home :) Thanks a lot, Amma :)

Skl said...

Hello aunty,
Made this with edli,turned out great,good combination,like the step by step approach with photographs in your blog so it's easy for us to estimate the amount of ingredients,all dishes are turning very well,we have been having good food these days,
Thank you.skl

shiva said...

aachi....thanks for the idea of using cooker for this...and cashews..wow...super tasty it was...before i used kadai for this n pottukadalai..but somehow it was not tasty but today cooker n cashew it turned into the traditional kosu....

Mahalakshmi C N said...

Thank you Aachi. I made the vengaya kothsu. It was really very tasty. Always wondered what to make other than onion and coconut chutneys. I am going to try that moong dal sambar too tomorrow.
Infact I am thankful to my friend Chitra Solai who introduced me to Chettinad Aachi cooking. very very tasty and simple.
thankyou once again

Ram Kasi said...

Thanks for sharing and your blog is now a goto place and bookmarked and kept for easy reference. We do not stay in india now and when we decide to cook something in the night it becomes difficult to call Amma and ask and hour blog is a saviour.

Ne small suggestion, it would really good if you can mention the quantity which you are mentioning in each post is for how many people. Another thing is when you mention the veggies, ESP the tomatoes and onions, an approximate size would be really helpful, cos typically you get large sized ones here and by exp I'm saying, cos tried that few times and it has always ended up in different tastes ;)

Solai Chidambaram said...

Ram kasi,Only in the early blogs I have not photographed the size of the veggies.In all the later blogs you can find the ingredients photographed.Many of my readers are from different countries and I wanted it to be very clear.Anyway I will see to it that I mention the size or show it in all recipes.Thankyou for your comments.

valli kalyani said...

Hello achi I am valli ravi from shj, I tried this vengaya kosu when our relatives visit our home. They all appreciated me a lot, credits goes to solai achi

sethukarasi muthiah said...

Thanks aachi, the receipe use to be my favourite at home. naanum karaikudi thaan from melaisivapuri(segappatti) but now in US. missing home food and home too. Thanks for the wonderful blog aachi.