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Monday, November 19, 2007

Vegetable Pulav

When I was new to cooking I was not able to make out the difference between pulav and fried rice. In chettinad cusine only pulav is prepared. In those days computers were not popular in India, so clarifying my doubts was not that easy. Later on one of my neighbors (North Indian) was able to help me out. Even today people new to cooking may have this doubt. For the benefit of those I will give the difference of what I have understood, in pulav the vegetables, the masal and what all goes inside the pulav is cooked together and sauces are not used. In Fried Rice, rice and vegetables are cooked separate and finally mixed together along with sauces. Pepper and chili sauce is used to give the hot taste
Vegetable pulav is one of my specialty food items. My dad is a big fan of my pulav. From the time I started blogging, my friends wanted me to post this recipe. Now innumerable recipes of a variety of pulavs are available in the net. I have tried many and found some to be very tasty. In my future blogs I will give a note of them.
Basmati rice-1 1/2 cups
Cauliflower-a few pieces
Peas-a handful
Big onion-1
Mint leaves-little
Coriander leaves-little

To grind

Green chillies-2
Red chillies-3
Fennel seeds-1 teaspoon
Cinamon, clove, yelachi-1piece each
Ginger-a small piece
Garlic-4 or 5 pods
To season

Cinamon-2 pieces
Birinji leaf-little
Fennel seeds-1 teaspoon

Cocunut milk
Scrap ½ portion of a coconut and take that milk (Those are using instant coconut milk can take 1cup of it and dilute with 2 cups of water)

Grind the items given in ‘To grind’
Wash the rice and soak for 5 minutes. Drain the water nicely.
Keep the kadai in the stove .Pour 1 spoon ghee or butter and roast the rice till it doesn’t stick to the kadai.(for 2 minutes)
Now keep the cooker in the stove. Pour 3 to 4 tablespoons of oil (little ghee can also be mixed)
Season with the items mentioned in ‘To season’.
Add the nicely minced onion and the cut vegetables and sauté nicely (Too much of vegetables will spoil the taste)
Sauté the grinded masala also.
Then add 3 cups of coconut milk. (1:2 is the ratio of rice to coconut milk)
When the milk boils add the rice and required salt and mix everything well
Close the cooker and cook for 8 minutes after putting weight in low fire.
Switch of the stove and don’t open the cooker till the pressure goes.
After the pressure goes open the cooker and mix everything nicely
Garnish with coriander leaves while serving.


uma said...

Achi, I thnk by mistake you have typed cardomom in the place of cinnamon.

solai said...

ya thank u uma

hemalatha said...

hello solai,
i have been going through your blog as often i call my mom home to get recipes...it is atleast once a day... :)i am really fond of chettinad cooking..but then basically i am from coimbatore...so your recipes has been really very helpful for me..
thanks alot and keep up the good work...
i have tried almost all the recipes including your paniyaram,methi rice etc.. they came out well... and so yummy.....
thanks once again.....


Solai Chidambaram said...

Very happy to know that my recipes are helpful to young people like you Hema

Leema said...

Achi....Superb....I never knew cooking but everyday I go home I take print out of 1 receipe to make my dinner SUPERRRRR.THANK YOU ACHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

junior said...

So good ...Solai.Very good recipe...veg pulav without aloo.

I will def keep you in my fav.

nice chettinad recipes.

Julie said...

Dear Mrs.Solai,
We bow to you madam,WITH GREAT LUCK I found your blog and tried out your vegetable pulav and chicken rasam my husband and I could not believe how absolutely superb your recipies are!
Usually cooks of your calibre never give the actual recipies we thank you and aplaud your generosity.
Thank you !

I'm Pradhyum. said...

Hello Solai,

I'm new to cooking...I had been desperately looking for a nice recipe for vegetable pulav. So far I have tried many versions of it and none turned out tasty. But after trying out your recipe I was able to prepare a delicious pulav for the first time.
Thanks for the wonderful recipe you have posted!


Sowmya said...

Hi Sollai

Is there a substiture if i dont want to use coconut milk ?



indu said...

hi solai,

am newly married.dont even kno abcd of cooking.but we are us now.no other way i have to cook.cooking somehow til now.saw ur blog now only.i just refered all the recipes.will try one by one and give my comments.thanks for giving good recipes.you are really helping many of the young girls doing so.i usually call mom in t morning to get some recipes.now am going to follow you.really,many thanks

shara said...


I tried this veg pulav couple of time and it was awesome and fantastic. My husband was full of praise of me. thank you for giving this wonderful recipe. Can you also post a recipe for making chicken and mutton briyani. I have become a big fan of your recipe and everyday I am trying either one of your recipe.

shara said...


I tried your veg pulav recipe and it was awesome and fantastic. My husband was full of praise of me. thank you for giving this wonderful recipe. Can you also post a recipe for making chicken and mutton briyani. I has become a big fan of your recipe and everyday I am trying either one of your recipe.

Solai Chidambaram said...

Sara,The chicken biryani recipe can be found under non veg category as chettinad chicken dum biryani.It is also a almost sure recipe that you can cook without much mistake

Sujatha said...

Hi Solai, I introduced your blogspot to my sister and SIL. My sister is not a very good cook but now she just follows your recipes and makes good food. today she brought some veg pulao and I could not believe she had made it, it was so tasty. i asked her how she made and she said, ofcourse from Solais blogspot ! Thanks so much. You are unlike other cooks who dont give away their recipes. This is a service you are doing. god bless you !


Solai Chidambaram said...

Thankyou sujatha.I am happy that my blog is serving its true purpose as I always want

Sunita said...

i tried vege pulav.. it was simply superb!

raji said...

Aachi, this looks really a different type of biriyani. usually is use to put more vegetables after seeing your blog i come to know that i have to less. surely i am going to try with the exact measurement what u have given. thank achi


raji said...

achi i want receipe of sambar powder will u please publish it.

i have one doubt. kulambu milagai thool can be used to mutton, chicken and fish kulambu.

Solai Chidambaram said...

Yes Raji.You can use kuzhambu milagai thool for chicken and mutton along with little corriander powder.For fish you have to use plain chilli powder.We use kuzhambu milagai thool as sambar powder, the recipe which I have already blogged under masala powders

sailaja said...

Hi Solai mam my name is Sailaja I have request could plz tell me the recipe for kushka like in hotels I like it very much i dont how to prepare i am in overseas otherwise i can eat in any hotel.

WhyteHousieBala said...

Hello aunty,

I made this dish for dinner tonight. It came out awesome.. My fnds liked it a lot..thnx for d recipe.. Last time, I did Pulav before a month(using Vahchef's recipe.. that too was gr8, but slightly diff taste) as we have a written rule that we won't cook the same dish twice in a month.. :)


shalini said...

achi i had the same doubt diff between pulav and fried rice...u cleared my doudt..thank u..but wht is d dif bet veg or non veg biriyani and pulav aunty

class photo said...

hi 2day i tried it was not separate .it comes like a paste

class photo said...

hi solai
2day i tried this veg pulav. it was comes out as a paste

Solai Chidambaram said...

hi class photo.The reason may be that the rice you use needs less water.For one cup of rice use 2 cups of cocunut milk.reduce the cooking time also a little and try.

dhivyaasn said...

superb result for this recipe..
so tasty achi..
eventhough i cooked in rice cooker!

girija said...

Hi mam,
i tried your veg pulav recipe,it came very well and all the guest appreciated the taste and asked for the recipe.Thanks for posting such a wonderful recipe

presilla said...

Hi aachi,

Generally for rice boiling in my house we use1:2(rice:water) ratio.
So now with this case, should i put 2 cups of cocunut water for 1 cup of rice. is that fine.? after that we need not add any normal water ? can you clear me this doubt?


Solai Chidambaram said...

Presi.NoI find that for biryani rice 1: 1 3/4 water or cocunut milk is enough.so for 1 cup of rice use just one and three quarter coconut milk.

presilla said...

Hi aachi
So for 1 cup of rice use just one and three quarter coconut milk is enough. is that the total amount for the whole receipe , no other extra water required?


presilla said...

im not going to use biryani rice, will use the normal rice onlyl. can you help me if for normal rice also i can follow the same ratio ?

Solai Chidambaram said...

You are right presi.That is enough.No more water needed.

Solai Chidambaram said...

Presi,for the normal rice the cocunut milk or water depends on the quality of rice used.Try with 1:2 or little more.

Ashra said...


I tried this rice and it was so nice and tasty. My husband liked a lot.

Warm Regards,

Saradha Duraiswamy said...

Dear Ms.Solai

You have virtually become a member of my family.
I used to be so much dependent on my mother who was a great cook(I lost her 5 years back). I never learnt any dishes from her.After her demise there has been no one whom I could turn to for authentic Chettinad cuisine.I am greatly relieved to have found you in your blog, who generously shares the recipes with the warmth of a mother. Thanks and God bless.

jayanthi said...

ஆச்சி....இதுக்கு தக்காளி வேண்டாமா?

Solai Chidambaram said...

No need of tomatoes for veg pulav.Tomatoes will make the gravy sour and also little sticky.

salomi said...

Hi Aunty,
I tried veg pulav and my family members liked the taste but they felt that the rice was not cooked properly (I used Basmati rice). I followed your recipe exactly the way you've given but couldn't find out what went wrong. Plz advice

Solai Chidambaram said...

Salomi,I wonder how it went undercooked.I usually use only
1 3/4 cocunut milk for 1 cup basmathi.You would have used 2 as per recipe.Try soaking the rice and frying very slightly.Keep the flame also little high(medium)

Bala said...

Really good one..Thanks

Skl said...

Hello aunty,
We tried this recipe with navarathan korma,it turned out great,
Thank you,

Sivagami said...

Aachi, Nice reciepe, I trid this one yesterday and it turned out well.. Nowadays I am just using ur blogspot for making all new dishes which I don't know how to make.. Thanks for all wonderful chettinad recipes.Regards, Sivagami.

jeevitha said...

Dear Aachi,

I am regular visitor of your receipe and your non-veg dishes are a big hit in my home. Basically I am a vegetarion and for my kids and husband sake I started to cook chicken, mutton at home and I would relgiously follow your receipies without compromising on even a single ingredient and quantity.
I am planning to prepare this receipe at home. Got a doubt when I went through the preperation. We are cooking the rice for just 8 minutes. Just wanted to know whether this time is enough for the vegetables to get boiled? Because in my home, people would like to taste bolied vegetables. Half-cooked veggies would also be ignored. So please help me on this.

Solai Chidambaram said...

Jeevitha,vegetables will be nicely cooked by that time.

jeevitha said...

I reigiously followed your receipe mam,,, It came out very well and the vegetabes were cooked correctly. Thanks a lot mam for sharing such wonderful receipies.

malathi said...

Hi aachi,
Nice vegetable pulav.Thanks for the wonderful receipe....